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    30 Products You Can Buy Online If You’re Too Embarrassed For Your Local Cashier To See

    As relatable as they are, sometimes we just wanna keep things on the low.

    1. If you find that your shoes have a not-so-pleasant odour, this spray will neutralise it in just one application.

    2. These patches will help to heal any cold sores due to hydrocolloid gel which will reduce the formation of any scabs. They're also super discreet thanks to their translucent colouring.

    3. Look, we've all been there, so it's useful to have a head lice comb in your cupboard just in case (especially if you've got kids!).

    4. Remove any blackheads or other skin impurities with this nifty tool.

    5. Get rid of any gunk on your tongue using this copper scraper that will also help to eliminate bad breath.

    6. Speaking of bad breath, you might have seen this mouthwash on your TikTok FYP that's effective for up to 24 hours.

    7. If you wear retainers, these tablets will give them a deep clean and get rid of any lingering bacteria. They also come with a handy 2-in-1 cleaning brush.

    8. This 3-in-1 corrector will neutralize any dull or yellow tones on your natural nails. It can also be used as a base coat so dark polishes don't stain.

    9. If your nails feel brittle and weak, Sally Hansen's nail strengthener will harden their fragility and make them stronger after the first application.

    10. Stop 'n Grow will end your nail biting days so they can grow longer and healthier.

    11. And if you've noticed any infection, this fungal nail treatment is useful to have as it works to treat the early signs of infection and stops it from spreading further.

    12. Bid farewell to any verrucas with these medicated plasters that will also help to relieve any pain or pressure.

    13. We'll soon be greeted by sunshine and warmer days, so add these bra liners to your basket that will help to keep you cool and avoid any sweat stains on your clothes.

    14. If you've noticed acne on your *ahem* behind, try out this purifying mask that will exfoliate the skin.

    15. Dr. Beckmann's remover spray will get rid of any antiperspirant or sweat stains that have marked your white clothing.

    16. This shampoo is designed to target dandruff right at the source. Not only will it tackle the flakes, but it also helps to reduce the redness and itchiness.

    17. Apply this maximum-strength antiperspirant if you struggle with excessive sweating. Some reviewers even claim it's only needed twice a week!

    18. And if you find that your hands and feet also have extra moisture, especially after exercise, try this antiperspirant lotion.

    19. Control any bed bug and dust mites infestations with this spray that will offer protection for up to 12 months.

    20. We may rarely see our mattress uncovered but wouldn't it be nice to know it's stain free? Check out this cleaning spray that will get rid of even the most stubborn of stains.

    21. Speaking of stains, if you live in a hard water area you might appreciate these pumice cleaning stones that will get your toilet bowl sparkling once again!

    22. Bin juice really isn't pleasant, but you can tackle the foul odour with this scented powder that will absorb the moisture at the bottom of your bin!

    23. Banish any mould or mildew with this spray that doesn't even require any scrubbing.

    24. Use this electric foot file to soften any hard or dry skin on your feet.

    25. This body scrub may be on the pricier side, but it's definitely worth the investment. It helps to erase any little bumps on your skin, which is especially good if you struggle with keratosis pilaris.

    26. Reduce redness and razor bumps after shaving with this 2-in-1 shower cream that's designed to be used on even sensitive skin.

    27. This Canesten set will help to get rid of thrush overnight, because as common as it is it doesn't make it any less irritating. It contains a cream that will soothe any external irritation and an internal pessary that will get to the cause of the issue.

    28. If your roots are due for a touch up but you haven't had time to go to the salon, give this instant root cover-up spray a try! It'll give you temporary colour until it's washed out.

    29. Freshen up any odours in the bathroom with this V.I.Poo spray.

    30. Trim any nose or ear hair with this handy gadget that's easy to clean and waterproof.