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    28 Affordable Impulse Buys You’ve Seen On TikTok That Deserve Their Status

    The girls that get it, get it.

    1. TikTokers have been loving using a rechargeable lighter instead of traditional matches. It even has an arched neck so you won't burn yourself on the flame!

    2. Fed up of your favourite jumpers getting those annoying bobbles on them? Use this battery-powered fabric shaver to get rid of any fabric pills.

    3. You may have seen acne patches going viral, so try these blemish-busting stickers that will extract any impurities from your spots.

    4. These lip balm pouches may be something that you'd find during those 3am scrolls, but they're actually useful and can be attached to your keys or handbag.

    5. Car TikTok went viral when they showed this cleaning jelly that will get the dust from all those awkward areas in your vehicle (yes, even those pesky vents!).

    6. This ice roller is a great purchase if you're looking to reduce puffiness and promote circulation in your face. It's also great for migraines.

    7. Treat yourself to this exfoliating foot peeling mask to remove any dead skin or calluses.

    8. If TikTok has taught me anything it's how to look after my hair, and these satin pillowcases are a great start. The material causes less friction than traditional pillowcases, meaning less breakage to your hair.

    9. Get every last bit of makeup product out of those awkwardly-shaped bottles before you buy another with these silicone spatulas.

    10. If you want to achieve the slicked-back bun vibe, try this hair finishing stick which will tame any baby hairs and flyaways.

    11. You've probably seen some form of heated hairbrush on your FYP, so why not give this Tresemmé hot air styler a go? It comes with three brushes so you can curl, add volume, and detangle partly dried hair.

    12. Give yourself a scalp massage while you wash your hair with this shampoo brush. It also helps to remove any buildup on the scalp.

    13. If you share a kitchen then you'll love this dishwasher magnet that you can change to let people know whether its clean, dirty, running, or empty.

    14. Make road trips or drive-thru adventures even easier with these clip-on sauce holders for your car. They can easily be attached to your vent so you can get dippin'.

    15. If you're a cat owner you definitely need this litter scooper. The small slits help the litter fall back into the tray whereas the 'deposits' will stay in the scooper.

    16. Get your eyebrows looking neat and tidy with these facial hair razors. They're also great for any peach fuzz, and don't come with the pain of waxing or threading.

    17. Grab yourself this genius nail polish holder which can be worn like a ring to avoid any accidental spills when painting your nails.

    18. Remove any pet hairs from your sofa with this lint roller. Just roll it back and forth to let it work its magic!

    19. This portable door-locking device provides another level of security which is ideal if you want to make sure the door is locked in an unfamiliar environment.

    20. Keep your cables tidy and hidden away with this handy box. Organisation TikTok will be proud of you for this purchase.

    21. Swedish dishcloths went viral on cleaning TikTok for just how absorbent they are. They're reusable and biodegradable too!

    22. If you're clumsy like me, you'll love this anti-spill cup holder. It just sticks onto the surface and will keep your cup firmly in place, even after any knocks or bumps.

    23. This clip-on strainer sits on the edge of your pan to make it easier to drain any vegetables or pasta when you're cooking. It also comes with two funnels so you can pour liquid into bottles without hassle.

    24. This oil spray dispenser will make it easier for you to add oil into your pan without it spilling everywhere, or pouring too much on your food like when you use the bulky bottles it comes in.

    25. Use this handy food chopper that will dice your onions with very little input from yourself. Just pull on the handle which will work the blade, and you can dice the food as coarsely or as finely as you want.

    26. Don't worry about opening packets of food you won't eat in one sitting with the help of this handheld bag sealer. It will seal any open bags to keep food fresh, and it even has a cutter so you can reopen the seal.

    27. Keep any names and addresses confidential with this protective roller stamp. It works by rolling 'confidential' over the writing you want to hide, so when you throw any letters or parcels away your information will be safe.

    28. I have seen this all over TikTok so I'm buying this Burn After Writing book immediately! It lets you write a bucket list, secrets, goals for your future, and then once you're finished it has a set of matches so you can burn it – very cathartic.