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17 Men Who Know More About Makeup Than You

Because good makeup doesn't depend on gender. It's pure technique.

1. Think makeup is just for girls?

2. Think again.

3. Most makeup addicts can only dream they were half as good at applying makeup as this guy.

4. You haven't seen proper highlighting and contouring until you've seen this chiseled visage.

5. And don't sleep on this professional.

See Jose's work on Instagram and follow his videos on YouTube.

6. This color correcting is something Crayola would be jealous of.

7. Oh, yeah. This gentleman knows what he's doing with that highlighter.

8. And you know you've never gotten a glow like this one.

9. There's not a wand that this dude can't handle.

10. And you can't talk about boys and makeup without mentioning this artist.

11. Need some enviable eyebrows? This guy's got you covered.

12. Or if you're looking for a more natural finish, pay attention to this pro.

13. Boy, did you do your makeup today?

14. OMG, that bronzer.

15. You may find yourself wondering, Can I wear makeup and look masculine at the same time? Hell yeah you can.

16. Men don't know anything about base? Yeah right.

17. Let this boy do his thing. Let all of these boys do their things.