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Is This The Meanest Prank....EVER? (w/reactions)

It's funny sometimes, but is this just taking it too far?

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Reasons by YouTube users:

"Lets do it to u... See how i would laugh!"

"that was mean"


"this is funny and sad...

mostly funny"

"Get the fuck out of my world you bastards"

"so cute"

"ur so slack to her she looks very sad"

" :'( el girl "

"this is stupid how dare u guys your so mean to the little girl"

"what just happened?"

"I mean if she wanted to try it that's what she gets but if them men and that woman told her to do it it's a different story"

"How dare you do that to the little girl"

"aww thats just mean"

"Dicks think this is funny? Pick on someone your own size, not a damn near baby."

"If they can't read yet, DON'T ELECTROCUTE THEM."

"Lucky i wasnt there."

"that was so mean, and to post it on youtube and laugh in the video, and be so mean."

"Fuck you..."

"Poor kid, she's looking forward to a piece of gum but gets shocked instead. Mean!!!!"

"well u know, the "shocking gum" it's not actually shocking, it just vibrates so hard that scares the crap out of u and u think u got shocked"

"i wish i had a father like that . . . i would have an excuse to hate his guts."

"Dude thats not funny!! That adorable little girl didnt deserve that, do u all not have anything better to do?"

"they dont shock you stupid bitch they vibrate and get a life fag"

"WoW dude.  Thats fucked up on a little kid like that. Maybe you'd like that stuck up your ass. "

"whats next pull this pickle looking thing down here"

"wow asshole much"

"Omg hes an asshole for tellin her to pull it

Poor little girl):"


"ASSHOLES.... QUE BOLUDOS... no pues a una niña de esa edad. Un poco de piensa por favor!"

"pinche vieja, te pasaste ponte el chicle en una chichi para que veas lo que se siente. ojeta."


"u ruend my day ass"

"That's going on my favorites"

As you can see, some of the reactions are ignorant, and most are negative. What do you think? Was this funny, or should the guy responsible burn?

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