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    • eliasa4

      For once i would like to read a piece of news that actually reports and references facts rather than mixing ones assumptions and opinions such as “..Might be behind the Kenyan attack” and “She is an alleged member of..” which goes on to defaming a persons character. Religion is not bad and does not teach bad things. People have a ‘free will’ to chose and to decide, so those who chose and decide to commit crimes then let them be punished for their actions justifiably. Don’t discriminate some one for their creed, color, origin, religion etc. Truth is that there are only a handful of terrorists and crimes committed as terrorist attacks around the world if you compare this to the total number of population who aren’t terrorists. More people are being murdered and raped because of these endless wars over global power but who cares about that right?
      …did you know that in the UK An estimated 40,000 more people die between December and March because of the cold alone than would be expected from death rates during other times of the year. The Government can help reduce that by helping those more who are in need of support for heating, building more hospitals and care centres etc, instead the UK government wastes money like: £100m on training soldiers…so they can bully other countries.

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