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26 Things That'll Help You Take The Best Nap Of Your Life

Dear naps, I'm sorry for how I treated you when I was young. Sincerely, me.

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1. An eye mask to give your lids a little space and protect your eye makeup.

Promising Review: "I needed something to block out light during my naps. These are great! I love that there is room for you to open your eyes while wearing it and not have smashed eyelashes or eyelids. I also notice that my family members are behaving in a much quieter manner around me when I have it on because they know that I am serious about sleeping when wearing it. Yay, me!" —Anna Banana

Get it from Amazon for $12.

2. A cozy AF blanket nearly big enough for two...or just you, wrapped up a bunch of times like a burrito.


5. An air diffuser to help create the perfect ambiance for a soothing rest.

Promising Review: "I love this so much, I bought two of them. I sometimes use the color lights, but often do not. I love the essential oils, for wellness I use lavender and chamomile for good night's sleep." —F. Parker

Get it on Amazon for $16.

6. On that note, some lavender essential oil that'll help relax and calm you.

Promising Review: "I love to use this lavender oil in my oil diffuser right before bed. It's very calming and soothing and helps me unwind. I also put it on if my kids are having trouble settling at nap time. It comes with quite a bit (4 oz.) and smells great." —LockhartCassie

Get it from Amazon for $16.


9. And a gel fiber pillow because you need a heavenly place to rest your head.

11. A mitten that doubles as pillows for those impromptu naps.


12. A soothing sound machine for when you need the sound of the ocean, some birds, or whatever to sing you to sleep.

Promising Review: "I was skeptical about noise lulling me to sleep. Couldn't have been more wrong. I used to lay in bed for what seemed to be forever listening to my husband snoring but not catching any Zs myself. Now I turn on the sound machine, usually the rain setting, and fall asleep in no time." —A Michele Sims

Get it from Amazon for $30.

15. A flexible AF infinity pillow even your pup will love.


18. Some blackout curtains to make daytime turn to night.

Promising Review: "I bought these for my toddler's room. I was getting really sick of waking up at 4:30 EVERY morning because the sun would wake him up. Luckily, I found these on Amazon. Let's start with quality, thick but with a very smooth feeling. Blocks out all the light, WHICH MEANS MY SON HAS BEEN SLEEPING 'TIL 7 every morning!!! You can definitely tell they are going to last awhile because this quality is fantastic!" —Jewlz ❤️

Get a pair on Amazon for $18+. (Available in a variety of colors and sizes.)

19. An anti-snoring sleep system just in case you're worried you'll wake yourself up from your nap.

Promising Review: "I was pleasantly surprised that within a few minutes I'd gotten used to it being in my nose and I was breathing much better. I didn't wake myself from snoring!" —Patricia G. Layne

Get it from Amazon for $13.


20. A comfy travel pillow for all those moments when you need to take a nap on the go.

Promising Review: "Do you have a few hours? Because I need to tell you about this neck pillow thing my wife just got me. Imagine your neck is swimming in a bowl full of noodles, unable to grasp any support through the turbulence on your flight from LAX to, say, Pittsburg. Then, imagine, just as your neck is about to drown in the limp pasta, a hand reaches down from the heavens and baby Jesus himself wraps your supple, tired neck, barely keeping its cricoid above the surface of the linguini soak, in a velvety, form-fitting embrace. Sure, other necks in the pot are just fine, floating casually next to you, but your neck, your poor poor neck, is writing goodbye letters to its loved ones — clavicles, humeri, and the like. But then, the sweet Jesus baby appears and wraps it up in what might as well be the brazier of the mighty Athena...and all troubles are forgotten. This is how I felt when I first strapped into this pillow." —Traveled

Get it from Amazon for $30. (Available in a variety of colors.)

21. An alarm clock that projects the time onto your wall and gently wakes you with the sound of your favorite music.

Promising Review: "This is an awesome little clock. Because it's an atomic clock you don't have to set the time. It does it automatically. If there is a power outage or something, it resets. The projector works well and setting up the alarm is not difficult." —Andrew Isaacs

Get it from Amazon for $30.

22. Some lounge pants you can be comfortable enough to nap in but also walk to the corner store wearing and not get totally judged because you're in your PJs in the middle of the day.,

Get them from Amazon: black lounge pants for $10+ (available in a variety of colors and in sizes S-XXL) and the purple sweat pants for $7+ (available in a variety of colors and in sizes S-XXL or in petite sizing.)

23. These soft sheets that'll lay the foundation for your short snooze fest.


25. This giant freakin' bean bag you can just plop down on and forget all your troubles.

26. Or this inflatable bed for when you need to nap by the pool, aka always. (Just don't forget sunscreen.)