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    18 Places To Find Great Deals Online

    Places to find really, really great deals on all the stuff you need.... plus some of the stuff you don't.

    Zoe Burnett/ BuzzFeed

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Boxed for the kind of stuff you'd spend hours scavengering for at Costco but without the membership fees, chaos, or lugging.,

    Boxed provides bulk items delivered right to your door, without a membership fee, (many items can be delivered to your door within 48 hours)! And you don't have to miss out on samples! Just request one of the many samples available and they'll be included with your order. Even better, Boxed has taken a stand on the infamous "pink tax" guaranteeing that you'll never pay more for an item just because you're a girl.

    What they have: Bulk versions of your favorite groceries, bath and body supplies, pet food, baby stuff, and paper supplies.

    Shipping and returns: Free shipping on orders over $49 and full refunds on returns within 14 days.

    Get the 35-pack of non-slip hangers for $9 and 24-pack of La Croix for $9 (available in a variety of flavors).

    2. TJ Maxx to get really good deals on home decor and furniture.,

    Obviously, TJ Maxx is known for having great deals but did you know you can find a ton of great home decor and furniture online? Think the same stuff you might find at places like HomeGoods, (which doesn't sell online).

    What they have: Designer apparel and accessories, home decor, furniture, kitchen tools, kid's stuff, and much more.

    Shipping and returns: Free with orders over $89 and free in-store returns.

    Get the wool area rug for $200 (available in 5'x8') and the faux-fur ottoman for $50.

    3. so you can search a massive inventory of second-hand clothes and toys for everyone in your family.,

    What they have: Men's and women's clothes, kid's and baby clothes, toys, home decor, DVDs and much more.

    Shipping and returns: Free shipping on your first order over $10 and a full refund for items that were wrong, damaged, went missing during shipping, or differ considerably from the description. Store credit for items that do not fit, you do not like, or were returned without a specific reason.

    Get the dress for $12 and the book for $3.

    4. Woot for some awesome daily deals on things like wine, electronics, food, tools, and clothes that end in a few hours or until they run out.,

    What they have: WINE!!! But also home goods, electronics, T-shirts, computers, and much more.

    Shipping and returns: Shipping varies based on the deal and they accept returns for damaged and defective items within 21 days.

    Get the 6-pack of Boon Doon wines for $60 and a selection from Omaha Steaks which includes filet mignon, sirloin, bacon-wrapped bistro steak, steak burgers, chicken breast, jumbo franks, and more for $100.

    5. Sears Outlet because you need a discount and a full warranty on new and refurbished home appliances, tools, and electronics.

    What they have: New, one-of-a-kind, discontinued, scratched and dented appliances at steep discounts. But don't worry, a new product warranty still applies on your purchase.

    Shipping and returns: In-store pickups are free and delivery varies on the item. Returns are accepted from 7 to 120 days, depending on the type of item.

    Get the Kenmore refrigerator for $1080 and the Craftsman drill for $12.

    6. Amazon so you can get the best price on nearly everything you can imagine, from their exclusive line The Fix to cleaning services at discounted prices.

    What they have: Everything. Like everything you can think of, ever.

    Shipping and returns: Free shipping on millions of items, and free expedited shipping on many items if you have a Prime membership.

    Get the slides for $69 (available in a variety of colors and sizes) and book a cleaning service here (prices vary by location).

    7. Price Plunge to get insanely low-priced deals that only last for a few hours.

    What they have: A small variety of very low-priced deals for things like home, health, and electronics.

    Shipping and returns: Shipping can vary but returns are accepted within 15 days.

    Get the ceramic wave iron for $10 and the travel surge protector with three outlets and 2 USB ports for $7.

    8. Burlington for deals on more than just great coats. In fact, they have deals on brands like Gucci, Valentino, Saint Laurent, and so many other designer brands.

    What they have: Great coats and designer clothes, home decor, toys, stuff for kids, and much more.

    Shipping and returns: Free shipping on purchases $75 and over and free in-store returns.

    Get the Gucci sandals for $450 and the Tory Burch wallet for $140.

    9. Rush 49 has discounted tickets to events and experiences you'll never forget.

    What they have: Amazing experiences at multiple destinations, so whether you're traveling or just want to explore your city, check out what kind of discounts they have near you.

    Shipping and returns: Most deals are final but contact Rush 49 to get more details on your exact situation.

    Get the race car driving experience for $99 (multiple options and locations available) and tickets to the Super Run for $24+ (multiple options and locations available).

    10. eBay to get really great deals on electronics β€” and a bunch of other stuff, but the electronics are especially good.

    What they have: A wide array of fashion pieces, electronics, home goods, and much more.

    Shipping and returns: Shipping is based on each individual vendor but many offer free shipping and free returns.

    Get an unlocked iPhone 6 for $240 and a 32-inch LED HDTV for $100.

    11. Tanga for limited-quantity daily deals on a bunch of stuff you probably needed to buy anyway.

    What they have: Daily deals on electronics, home, beauty, clothes, and much more. But all items have limited quantities and and only last for the day.

    Shipping and returns: Free shipping and 30 day return policies on most deals.

    Get the Bliss travel kit for $10 and the memory foam kitchen floor mat for $12+ (available in a variety of colors and sizes).

    12. Groupon has some of the best travel packages so you can finally see the world β€” and not drain your bank account.

    What they have: Daily deals on travel, excursions, a variety of goods, and local services. They also have a bunch of coupons for some of your favorite retailers.

    Shipping and returns: Free shipping and returns on many of the goods deals, but travel and coupons are printed at home.

    Get a trip to China (including hotel and airfare) starting at $649 and a 48-pack of batteries for $20.

    13. TigerDirect to get all the electronics you need for your office and some of the best customer service ever.

    What they have: Electronics. Tons and tons of electronics.

    Shipping and returns: Shipping costs and return policies vary on the item. Contact TigerDirect for more information on the item you're interested in.

    Get the HP Chromebook for $180 and the Arlo HD Security Camera for $165.

    14. Shnoop is filled with some of the best deals on the web on a variety of products.

    What they have: Items change daily but include home, beauty, watches, sunglasses, jewelry, and much more.

    Shipping and returns: Free shipping on all their deals and full refunds within 30 days.

    Get the 6-pack of Sharpie Glitter Paint pens for $7 and the Burt's Bees Acne Spot Treatment for $5.

    15. Yugster for daily deals that are yours...until they're gone.

    What they have: Electronics, gadgets, home, audio, and much more.

    Shipping and returns: Free shipping on most deals and returns are accepted within 21 days.

    Get the GoPro snorkel for $29+ (available in a variety of sizes) and the 23-mile range walkie talkies for $30.

    16. Wired for Wine so you can get discounts on wine β€” you know, that happy juice you love so much.

    What they have: Wine β€” red wine, white wine, wine accessories, spirits, and even some olive oil.

    Shipping and returns: Free shipping when you buy six items and free returns within 30 days.

    Get the 2016 L'ostal Cazes Rose for $12 and a 750ml of Belvedere Vodka for $39.

    17. Big Lots to get awesome discounts on everything you'd buy from your favorite department store β€” like Halloween decorations and home decor.

    What they have: Mattresses, furniture, seasonal decor, and SO much more.

    Shipping and returns: Free shipping on orders over $99 and returns are accepted within 30 days.

    Get the Serta twin mattress set for $370 and the pillow case for $5.

    18. And Horchow because it's about time you got high-end, designer furniture at prices you might actually be able to afford.

    What they have: Tons of fabulous designer furniture, home decor, lighting, and dinnerware from places like Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

    Shipping and returns: Shipping costs vary based on the item and ultimate destination. All items are accepted for returns in a "timely" manner. Contact them to find out exactly what that means for you.

    Get the John-Richard Huggins Tufted Leather Bench for $1275 and the Mystique Glass-Top Coffee Table for $600.

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