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    31 Things That'll Make You Say, "Why Don't I Own That Already?"

    From awesome face masks to magical salt and pepper shakers to teapots that pity you, an eclectic mix of some really awesome things.

    1. A crazy straw custom-made with your name.

    2. A clock that isn't here for your "I'm gonna be on time today" nonsense.

    3. Some magical salt and pepper shakers to help bring your food to life.

    4. A pocket-size light bulb so you always have the solution when someone proclaims, "Let there be light!"

    5. An aromatherapy fragrance diffuser that's just succutelent.

    6. A cutting board because what better time to study the periodic table of elements than when you're holding a sharp object?

    7. Some tea bags filled with flavors that are sure to take your tastebuds on an adventure.

    8. A collection of nude lipsticks that'll always have you covered.

    9. Some sushi pushpins that you definitely shouldn't eat.

    10. An ice tray perfect to make frozen coffee cubes for your next iced coffee.

    11. A piggy bank who does all the math for you.

    12. A teapot that pities the fool who wants coffee.

    13. An avocado tool that'll help you cut, deseed, and serve your favorite snack.

    14. A chip and salsa tray for when you want to celebrate.

    15. A set of coasters so people will understand just how much you paid for that damn table.

    16. A blouse that has all the bells (sleeves) and whistles.

    17. Some salt and pepper shakers to take you through all the seasonings.

    18. A delicate pair of earrings that are business in the front and party in the back.

    19. A flowing dress because spring has finally sprung.

    20. A cookbook that's here for you when, maybe, you had a few to many.

    21. Some hamburger slippers for when your dogs need a rest.

    22. A backpack that's so freaking cute!!! (And practical...but like, mostly cute!)

    23. Some sunnies for when you finally hit the beach.

    24. An iPhone case so pretty you'll wish everything you owned had the same print.

    25. A lipstick that's clearly beautiful.

    26. A face mask that'll leave your face minty fresh.

    27. An off-the-shoulder dress we basically want to live in all summer.

    28. A pin for when you're riding high in your lowrider.

    29. A straw hat for the toddler in your life that's leaps ahead of everyone in style.

    30. Some bathing suits you'll wish you could wear all year long.

    31. And a pair of sunglasses to frame your face in florals.

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