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31 Things That'll Make You Say, "Why Don't I Own That Already?"

From awesome face masks to magical salt and pepper shakers to teapots that pity you, an eclectic mix of some really awesome things.

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1. A crazy straw custom-made with your name.


4. A pocket-size light bulb so you always have the solution when someone proclaims, "Let there be light!"

Promising Review: "For this price, something that fits with your credit cards? Why wouldn't you get one? Yes, it's thicker than a credit card, maybe about three credit cards thick. You can actually change the battery if it runs down. The only use I have had for it so far was while backpacking. It lit up my two-man tent well enough, although you won't be reading with this light. Unlike most LED flashlights and headlamps, it has no circuitry so if you're a prepper, it is EMP-proof." —Chad

Get a pack of five on Amazon for $6 or get one individual light on eBay for $1.

5. An aromatherapy fragrance diffuser that's just succutelent.


8. A collection of nude lipsticks that'll always have you covered.

Promising Review: "The value of the full-sized products is worth more than the retail price of the set, plus you get the minis. I love getting minis, by the way. They fit into purses and makeup bags nicely. The Estee Review lip liner is a nice, smooth lip liner in a versatile shade. The pencil is mechanical, so no sharpening is required. The Buxom lip cream is a super glossy cream in a very, very pale pink. The Too Faced Melted Matte liquid lip color goes on smooth and dries to a perfect matte finish. The Bite Amuse Bouche lipstick goes on smooth, wears nice, and it's a great color! The Urban Decay Comfort Matte lipstick is a very nice lipstick, nice finish, and a good shade. The Marc Jacobs Le Marc lip cream is a nice, smooth lipstick in a pretty pink-mauve shade. All of the shades would be flattering to most people. This set is a good value." —KLeeCee

Get it at Sephora for $28.

10. An ice tray perfect to make frozen coffee cubes for your next iced coffee.

Promising Review: "I sweeten my coffee with Stevia, then freeze it. This way I don't have to sweeten the coffee I put over the coffee cubes. Just add milk or creamer and you're on your way to a delicious drink. I suggest getting two of these, this way you can make twice the amount. Silicone ice trays are better for freezing ice because you don't have to run water on them to get the ice out." —Janet Woodville

Get it on Amazon for $9.

11. A piggy bank who does all the math for you.

Promising Review: "I currently have about $41 in change just sitting in it and it's still only a little over half full, so there is room for more. The bank is very easy to use, once you put in batteries, the nose will display the numbers. It tells you the value of the coin and then the total in your bank after you make a 'deposit.' The top fits pretty securely so it doesn't fall off from the weight of the bottom when lifted. Make sure to only insert one coin at a time, if you do two or more, only the bigger coin gets read. I'm really thinking of making this bank my New Year's resolution and saving as much coinage as possible. Overall, this bank is worth every penny!" —Nicole Durham

Get it on Amazon for $15.


13. An avocado tool that'll help you cut, deseed, and serve your favorite snack.

Promising Review: "If you're like me, cutting avocados can be a scary process. I sliced the side of my thumb a few years ago trying to get the pit out of my breakfast avocado, and was terrified to touch another one! Five stitches and a few months later, I was itching for some avocado. I couldn't look at one without getting the shivers, until I found this beauty! This handy little tool is a lifesaver! I usually just use the cutter and the pit remover, and I don't mess with the slicer part (it's kind of a pain to clean). It works like a dream! I have never been so happy to see an avocado again after finding this tool. It is cheap and so worth investing in my safety!" —Chelsea

Get it on Amazon for $10.


16. A blouse that has all the bells (sleeves) and whistles.

Promising Review: "This is such a cute top that fits great! The top is made with quality material that I will be able to wash without any worry of ruining or wearing out the fabric. I also love the sleeves and the pattern. Overall, a great top!" —Kristen M Sorbera

Get it on Amazon for $23. (Available in sizes XS-L and in a variety of color options.)

17. Some salt and pepper shakers to take you through all the seasonings.

19. A flowing dress because spring has finally sprung.


20. A cookbook that's here for you when, maybe, you had a few to many.

Promising Review: "I'm currently hungover. I almost burnt down my house using this book. But it's my fault, not the book's. I highly recommend taking the quiz in the beginning of the book, so you can figure out which meal to prepare." —Kevin

Get the paperback version for $4 or the hardback for $7 on Amazon.

21. Some hamburger slippers for when your dogs need a rest.

22. A backpack that's so freaking cute!!! (And practical...but like, mostly cute!)

23. Some sunnies for when you finally hit the beach.,

Promising Review: "A few months ago, I purchased a similar, more expensive version of these. I absolutely adored those shades but I sat on them! LOL. Snapped the left arm right off — I was crushed. Recently, I was looking for the same pair of sunglasses because nothing quite matched up to the ones I'd purchased. Found these and bought them because they were a fraction of the cost and came in half the time. They're virtually indiscernible from the ones I had before! I'm almost tempted to buy another pair just in case!" —Sarah

Get them on Amazon for $13. (Available in a variety of frame and lens colors.)


25. A lipstick that's clearly beautiful.,

Promising Review: "This stuff is incredible. Comes in a beautiful tube, the flower is gorgeous, and it blows my mind how the color works. It smells nice, it's hydrating, and I seriously need to buy a few more before it goes away. Love!!!" —stephanie

Get it on Amazon for $4.

26. A face mask that'll leave your face minty fresh.,

Promising Review: "I use to buy this mask a few years back at Walgreens and I can't ever find it. It's in different packaging but it is the same recipe, same great clay mask. I have huge pores that eat when I'm not looking or something. This stuff does miracles! It shrinks your pores and tightens skin. I definitely recommend for my fellow clay mask lovers." —Katie Mateer

Get it on Amazon for $4.

27. An off-the-shoulder dress we basically want to live in all summer.


29. A straw hat for the toddler in your life that's leaps ahead of everyone in style.

31. And a pair of sunglasses to frame your face in florals.

Promising Review: "These are so much more than I had expected for the price. They look just like the picture, good quality, feel good on, but the added bonus of a decent case, cleaning cloth, and a tiny screwdriver to tighten up or loosen ear pieces was the kicker. Probably silly to be so tickled about the little tool, but it was a surprise treat when I was already more than happy with my purchase." —Proberta Gerber

Get them on Amazon for $16+. (Available in a variety of colors.)