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    23 Things That'll Actually Make Wearing High Heels Bearable

    You can finally put all your pretty high heels to use.

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    1. An anti-blister stick, because wearing high heels hurts while you're in them, but blisters β€” blisters make everything hurt.

    Promising Review: "I've tried it a couple of times and magically I haven't gotten any blisters from wearing heels like I used to! It works!!" β€”Am8a

    Get it from Amazon for $8.

    2. Some mini-grips to prevent friction and rubbing from those straps that have a mind of their own and leave you with blisters.

    Promising Review: "Worked GREAT on the skinny straps of my heels. The straps were slipping around and this did the trick. They were very comfortable and gave just enough padding to keep the straps in place. They were extremely discreet, no one could see them, and I completely forgot they were even there." β€”Chrys

    Get two pairs from Amazon for $7.

    3. A pair of ultra-thin gel insoles designed specifically for the sleek shoes you love, but can't walk more than a few feet in.

    Promising Review: "These are awesome! They definitely support the arch of my feet (I have fairly high arches and high heels are uncomfortable after a while). They stick in place very well." β€”Maria Shaffer

    Get the pair from Amazon for $8.

    4. Some moleskin to get some serious pain relief for your corns, calluses, and all your tender spots β€” even when you're in your most uncomfortable shoes.

    Promising Review: "I am in love! I wore a pair of four-inch heels for a couple hours and no blisters! Over-the-moon happy I tried this product." β€”Christyn

    Get it from Amazon for $5.

    5. Some foot petals for when the ball of your foot wants to be comfortable AF in those glass slippers.

    Promising Review: "I like to pad my shoes for a comfortable night partying in high heels. Great for anyone who loves wearing high heels. They also help get a more snug fit in loose peep-toe heels." β€”RJT

    Get three pairs from Amazon for $15.

    6. A shoe stretcher, because not everyone's feet β€” or shoes β€” are created equal. These provide you with three adjustable bunion plugs to help get your shoes in shape.

    Promising Review: "Ladies, this is a must for all new high-heel shoes. I like getting that previously broken-in feel when I put on a new pair of stilettos. No more blisters and toe-crushing pain for me! I use these now on every new pair of shoes that I buy. Even if my shoes feel comfortable in the store, it seems that after wearing them out for an hour causes me discomfort." β€”PwrPurchase

    Get it from Amazon for $29. (Available in a variety of sizes.)

    7. A pack of heel grips to stop the back of your foot from slipping and sliding around.

    Promising Review: "I used to use the fabric inserts in my heels but eventually my feet would just slide out anyway. I came across these while looking for options to save my feet and they are now inserted in nearly all of my high heels. The leather is very soft and the little 'lip' on them creates just enough of a hook to keep your heel inside your shoe. These are very comfortable and easy to apply in both pumps and loafers." β€”run slow, finish whenever

    Get five pairs from Amazon for $10.

    8. Some hidden arches meant for flats but that actually work great when even your high heels are giving you arch pain.

    Promising Review: "I was suffering from arch pain, and these helped! They are small enough to fit in high heels and dress shoes, but big enough to support my arches. They have adhesive to stay in place, but I was able to take them in and out of several shoes. They were well worth the money." β€”Amazon Customer

    Get the pair from Amazon for $10.

    9. A canister of PreHeels spray to apply on your feet before your shoes and guarantee that everything after is friction-free.

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    Promising Review: "This is a lifesaver! I had to stand in high heels for extended periods of time and typically after several hours I would have a blister(s). With this though, I have no blisters. I should have put lotion on my toenails to prevent the coating on the polish, but it worked great." β€”Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $15.

    10. A pair of inserts designed to help prevent fatigue, support your plantar fascia, and cradle tender heels.

    Promising Review: "I love these inserts. They have improved my pain significantly. I bought four pairs so I can easily transfer them from heeled shoes, to high-heeled boots, to tennis shoes." β€”Frogiliscious

    Get the pair from Amazon for $7.

    11. A gel cushion for the comfort the ball of your foot deserves in a squishy, comfortable gel.

    Promising Review: "Buy them! They've saved my feet! I can now wear my four-inch heels without taking them off!" β€”Ambi

    Get the pair from Amazon for $14.

    12. A double toe-straightener that looks weird but is guaranteed to take away some of that horrible pain you get from wearing your heels for a little too long.

    Promising Review: "This really works! It is a bit of an unnatural feel, as it takes up space in the toe area of your shoe and feels like there's a piece of cardboard under your toes, but it is a whole lot better than feeling pain! And the bottom eventually conforms to your foot movement and feels better in time." β€”Kayla Machuca

    Get the pair from Amazon for $7.

    13. A pair of heel cushion insoles you can double as inserts for the top of your favorite boots that rub and hurt your legs.

    Promising Review: "I used these for my wedding and they instantly made them more comfortable. I used them across the heel area and over the tops of my feet." β€”ForHisLove

    Get the pair from Amazon for $7+. (Available in a variety of sizes.)

    14. A pair of memory foam inserts to give your feet some shock absorption and cushioning.

    Promising Review: "These are the best insoles I've ever worn. I have high arches, and am completely unable to wear anything with heels for more than 10 minutes without insoles. These are very comfortable and they make my feet stable in my heeled boots. Nicely pads the balls of my feet as well and not too thick." β€”Javazon

    Get the pair from Amazon for $14. (Available in a variety of sizes.)

    15. A pair of toe-straightening wraps for a discreet and simple way to get rid of some of that high-heel pain.

    Promising Review: "Practical, comfortable, and help with corralling your wandering toes. This is the slimmest, trimmest, least intrusive item I've found to use under tights/pantyhose and inside closed-toe shoes. With sandals, it'll probably look like a little Band-Aid." β€”Minerva

    Get the pair from Amazon for $5.

    16. A toe guard, because your little piggies can't go to the market if they're in total pain.

    Promising Review: "Why did I wait so long to get this? I wear heels to work all the time, and my bunions would frequently get blisters, or at least hurt after a long day on my feet. These have basically stopped that entirely. Such an easy fix!" β€”Rachel

    Get it from Amazon for $8.

    17. A set of heel stoppers so you're not sinking in grass or stumbling on pebbles next time you're out in nature and happen to be in high heels.

    Promising Review: "Excellent product! Very cute compared to other varieties out there. I wore these as a bridesmaid this past weekend and got so many compliments. The other bridesmaids ordered ones that mimicked the heel and these would sink into the ground and disappear! I did not have any of these issues and they stayed on all night long. Highly recommended!" β€”Jay

    Get the pair from Amazon for $10.

    18. A set of anti-slip sole protectors, because it's already hard enough walking in heels β€” you don't need to be skating in them.

    Promising Review: "I want to feel safe when walking in heels; these are just what I was looking for. Great product that is easily attached and does exactly what it says. These are REALLY anti-slip. I love the included heel claw β€” how genius. These should go on every pair of heels or flats I own. I won't even consider another brand, these are that great. I will be ordering more." β€”Mom of Three

    Get the pair from Amazon for $10.

    19. A set of pressure point cushions to help with all those spots that need a little more protection from blisters and red marks.

    Promising Review: "I wear them with all of my heels and they do make a difference. I've never experienced them coming off β€” though, after several months, I have had one rip inside my shoe." β€”3princesses

    Get the pair from Amazon for $7.

    20. A set of double-sided shoe tape that'll literally tape your foot down into your shoe so it's not slipping out.

    Promising Review: "My high heels stayed on! Adhesive sticker works! My only wish is that these could be used multiple times instead of a one-time application. Removed from shoe without damage. Removing from foot was easy, although it left my heels really sticky. Had to scrub in the bath a few times with lots of soap to make it not sticky anymore. Would definitely recommend!" β€”Thailan Nguyen

    Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $13.

    21. A set of arch cushions delicate and small enough to discreetly fit in any pair of heels you throw them in.

    Promising Review: "I bought one pair to try in a pair of high heels that I love. Having a high arch, they just don't give me the support I need. These supports were so comfortable that after one wearing, I ordered 10 more pairs to put in my other shoes. Since I have a high arch, I never get enough arch support in my shoes. If your feet hurt from not getting quite the support they need, definitely try these arch supports!" β€”music lover

    Get the pair from Amazon for $6+. (Available in black or nude.)

    22. A bottle of stretch spray that'll help mold your shoes while you wear them.

    Promising Review: "Works great! Used it on a pair of new leather heels that were a bit too small and it worked fabulously!" β€”LA Athlete

    Get the pair from Amazon for $10.

    23. And these medical-grade shoe inserts designed with a deep heel cradle to protect you during heavy impact and stabilize your step.

    Promising Review: "I noticed a difference immediately. Even while at work I noticed my feet weren't hurting like they usually do. My feet do not hurt as much at night now. (It was to the point where I couldn't sleep on my back because of the pressure on my heels.)" β€”Charissa

    Get the pair from Amazon for $18+. (Available in a variety of sizes.)

    You're going to be conquering that foot pain like whoa!

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