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24 Things That'll Help You Stay Positive When You're Having A Shitty Week

With these, your glass will forever be half full!

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2. A journal that guides you through making lists of happiness and positivity.

Promising Review: "I've done four lists so far and love it already! I usually start my week looking at the next list and starting to think of ideas. I am more mindful throughout the week and usually finish the list the next weekend. I think this has made me more positive and mindful; I am so glad I got this book! It also has a very cute design and looks great on my desk!" —Karen

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5. A lovely book to remind you of all the battles women have fought to help all of us move forward.

Promising Review: "This book has 13 women that persisted beyond what society expected of them. It's a quick read, and it will make you want to learn more about these women. I had never heard of Claudette Colvin and now I want to know more. The message is simple. Girls, you can do whatever you want to do with your life. You don't have to take no for an answer. I love this book and will recommend it to all! I wish that more books today sent as positive a message as this one." —L.W.

Get it from Amazon for $11+. (Available for Kindle and in hardcover.)


8. A book you can use to document all the positive things you experience.

Promising Review: "I fell in love with this book right away. The more I flipped through the pages, the more in awe I became. Whoever put this book together must have put a lot of thought into it. You can record just about every positive thought or action and even years from now, be able to look through it and reminisce about those positive memories. I love it! This is a great concept for sure. This journal is a journey! I'm thrilled to have found it!" —Lynched

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9. A pair of athletic socks so you don't forgot that you're more than capable of making it through that marathon — or just the day.

Promising Review: "Bought these for a friend who has cancer and was going into the hospital. I thought she'd like looking down at her feet and seeing something motivational." —Allison S.

Get them from Amazon for $10. (Available in a variety of slogans and colors.)


14. A dainty little ring that carries a very powerful message.

Promising Review: "I bought this for a my sister-in-law whose husband has cancer. She loves it! I already had this ring and have not taken it off since I received it. I've had mine almost a year." —loug

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17. A paper pad, because sometimes things are truly fuckin' terrible — but this may make you least a bit.

Promising Review: "Perfect for my daughter who is working her butt off. Took one sheet and framed it in my office too!!" —Amazon Customer

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24. And a happiness planner so you can plan out all the happiness your positivity is going to give you.

Promising Review: "This is a lovely planner that doesn't have to be used daily so there is no stress. It has empowering quotes and reminders to be positive. All our journeys are different and this is sure to enlighten anyone! Please get one for yourself and a friend!" —Lotusdreamer

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