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    24 Things That'll Help You Stay Positive When You're Having A Shitty Week

    With these, your glass will forever be half full!

    1. A sterling silver and gold-dipped necklace to help you ward off any negative Nellies who are trying to steer you offtrack from your new positive outlook on life.

    2. A journal that guides you through making lists of happiness and positivity.

    3. A T-shirt, because you are not here for any of Satan's nonsense — none of it!

    4. A yoga mat so even when you're sweating and exhausted, you can remember what you're working for.

    5. A lovely book to remind you of all the battles women have fought to help all of us move forward.

    6. A charming print for that daily motivation to go out into the world and live your best life.

    7. A mantra bracelet so that in those moments when you forget how great you are, you can just look down at your wrist.

    8. A book you can use to document all the positive things you experience.

    9. A pair of athletic socks so you don't forgot that you're more than capable of making it through that marathon — or just the day.

    10. An adorable mug that takes a positive spin on even your most stressful situations.

    11. A T-shirt you can wear and use as a way to motivate all the people you come across.

    12. A nameplate for a constant reminder of how incredibly talented you are.

    13. A piece of wall decor, because why shouldn't you decorate your home with little notes of how your day will go?

    14. A dainty little ring that carries a very powerful message.

    15. A candle so your home smells good; it can serve as a memento of your magical-ness.

    16. A colorful pencil to write down all your great ideas — and then you can put it down, flip it, and reverse it.

    17. A paper pad, because sometimes things are truly fuckin' terrible — but this may make you least a bit.

    18. A very scientific mug so you always have data supporting your positivity.

    19. A fun magnet with your daily to-do list.

    20. A makeup pouch for anyone wondering if your positivity only affects your outside beauty.

    21. A set of stationery cards in case anyone in your inner circle needs a little positivity.

    22. A pair of sterling silver earrings for all those days when you need to have a hint of how you should take advantage of the day ahead.

    23. A silver-plated necklace, because sometimes you just need to remember to hang in there.

    24. And a happiness planner so you can plan out all the happiness your positivity is going to give you.

    IRL footage of the new, positive you!