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    These Boxed Non-Slip Hangers Are The Cheapest Hangers You Can Find On The Internet

    What are you doing hanging around? Tell your friends, call your mom, scream it from rooftops: These hangers are the cheapest on the internet!!

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    Hi, I'm Elena and I have too many clothes. They lie around in scattered piles on chairs, the floor, and overstuffed wall hooks. Recently, in an attempt to organize my life (and my wardrobe) I went on the hunt for the cheapest possible space-saving hangers — 'cause I've already spent all my money on these clothes on the floor.

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    I searched everywhere: Walmart, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond — I searched!! Hangers are just one of those things I am pretty much always in the market for, so I wanted to find a go-to place for a constant supply.

    Well, people of the internet, rejoice! I have found the cheapest non-slip thin hangers the World Wide Web has to offer! THE CHEAPEST!

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    A box of 35 cream-colored hangers costs $8.99, which means they're just about 26 cents per hanger! I did the math!

    You can find them on (which, if you don't know, is basically an online, no-membership-needed Costco), and they're made by its Prince & Spring brand. They're durable, well-packaged, and arrive at your door in just a couple of days!

    They have the ultra-slim design my overstuffed closet needs, and a luxurious velvet-like feel to make sure my clothes don't slip off (and back onto my floor). I've had them for over a year now and not a single one of these bad boys has broken, or cracked, or otherwise failed to hold all of my clothing. But just in case they do, Boxed offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with some of the BEST customer service I've literally ever experienced. They were so nice, friendly, and flexible with me! Like, I almost just wanna be friends with them and hang out on the weekends.

    I love these hangers!!!!!! And you will too! They also come in black but they're a dollar more, and honestly, the cream color is still subtle enough to make my closet look organized and all matchy-matchy.

    The black colored hangers are $9.99 for a box of 35, making them just under 29 cents per hanger — which is too rich for my blood.

    There you have it: the cheapest thin non-slip hangers on the internet. You're welcome.

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    Get a box of 35 Prince & Spring non-slip hangers from Boxed for $8.99+.

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