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27 Tees That'll Speak Your Mind So You Don't Have To

These T-shirts are gonna do the talking and you're gonna do the walking.

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1. A pre-shrunk T-shirt to help explain why you're not responsible for whatever you've managed to get yourself into.

Promising Review: "Even though I am currently unsupervised, I would have to say I like the product!" —Douglas Gulledge

Get it from Amazon for $8.99+. Available in nine colors and sizes S-3XL.

2. A stretchy tee that's the perfect way to let anyone know you're not messing around with your haters.


6. A relaxed-fit top with just one of the language skills you should put on your resume.


8. A baggy-fit T-shirt, because let's face it, you might need to warn people about your tendencies to add uncomfortable moments of silence during most conversations.,

Promising Review: "Love this shirt too much! I purposely bought the shirt too big, because baggy shirts just seem to look nice on me. Also, I feel this shirt on a spiritual level." —Gavin Haynes

Get it from Amazon for $7.80+. Available in sizes S-XXL.


11. A baggy fit T-shirt you should wear next time you walk into your boss' office.

Promising Review: "Good fabric, not too thick and not too thin. The text seems to be pretty well screened on. The fit through the body is generous and a little bit longer, which is good if you're going to sleep in it or bum around the house in leggings. I like the T-shirt a lot." —A Customer

Get it from Amazon for $5.44+. Available in sizes S-XXL.

12. A screen-printed tee so everyone knows it's not your fault the world is falling apart.

14. A clairvoyant top you're about to rock the f#@% out of.

Promising Review: "Love it! Amazing quality and the fit is perfect! The fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable. My new favorite tee😍." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $8.99+. Available in three colors and in sizes S-XXL.


17. A unisex-fit top you should probably wear every day — somehow you still haven't managed to figure out you need to eat every 12 minutes.

Promising Review: "Love this shirt! My husband and I got matching ones! We ordered XL which fit perfectly and they came weeks faster than Amazon shipping said they would." —Lydia

Get it from Amazon for $6.85+. Available in sizes S-XXL.

18. A pre-shrunk cotton tee that knows you're a grammar-judging boss.

Promising Review: "My husband is a retired English teacher and this gets a wonderful response from his family, former friends, and on the street. Perfect for him and it fits great as well!" —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $5.99+. Available in six colors, in women's sizes S-XXL and men's sizes S-5XL.


20. A cotton top, because you're tired of people talking to you before you've even had your lunch.

Promising Review: "I love this shirt! It's a nice, a perfectly thick material, and it's completely relevant to my life. The neckline was higher than expected but it's fine. New fave shirt." —Marleigh Biorn

Get it from Amazon for $6.85+. Available in S-XXL.


23. A cotton, spandex, and polyester blend top for all those people who insist on asking you how you're doing all the time. Like, enough already, everyone knows no one actually cares!

Promising Review: "Funny to watch the men look away after reading this imprinted across my 'healthy' chest." —Melissa C

Get it from Amazon for $8.99+. Available in three colors and in sizes S-XXL.

27. And a cotton T-shirt that's just a reminder that you're awesome because you're like no one else!

Promising Review: "Pro tip: If you are a barista you get better tips when you wear this shirt. The color just makes people want to tip better — plus the shirt is really well made and looks really good on both guys and girls." —Ember

Get it from Amazon for $5.28+. Available in sizes S-XXL.