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    27 Surprisingly Awesome Things You Can Get At Jet

    A Harry Potter lunch box, heated eyelash curler, leather wipes, and so much more.

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

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    1. An insulated Harry Potter Hedwig lunch box, because all meals should be delivered via owl.

    Price: $20

    2. A heat- and flame-resistant, non-slip Ove Glove your fingers will thank you for.

    Allows protection from temperatures as high as 540 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Promising Review: "I'm an avid baker and have the burns to prove it! I've never been able to find an oven glove that really protected me from the heat —

    until now. This glove is beyond terrific. You gotta figure it's good if NASCAR uses the same material for their fireproof suits." —Sagecactus

    Price: $28

    3. A hydrating When Travelmate face mask, which'll help rejuvenate, soothe, and repair stressed skin.

    Price: $7

    4. A jar of Stonewall Kitchen maple pumpkin butter — it's time to celebrate pumpkin spice season bitches!!!!!

    5. A battery-operated eye lash curler with a temperature-sensitive silicon pad that heats up and changes color to let you know it's ready for use.

    Promising Review: "This is awesome!! The curl stays so much longer." —Peggy L

    Price: $5

    6. A pack of BedBand adjustable sheet and mattress pad holders so you can finally get your sheets to stop riding up.

    Price: four-pack for $14

    7. A container of Weiman leather wipes designed specifically to help you clean, condition, and protect your favorite leather items — purses, furniture, shoes, whatever!

    Promising Review: "Outstanding product! I use them on my leather boots and shoes. So much better than anything else I've tried. Truly shines them, cleans them, and they're fast and easy! I also use on my leather couch. Does not leave it oily or too shiny. Just the right amount of sheen plus great smell!" —missgidget

    Price: $5

    8. A Smart Funnel because you need an effortless way to refill or transfer from one bottle to another.

    Price: $10

    9. A canister of Rosebud Perfume Co. mocha rose lip balm made with a blend of essential oils, shea butter, and vitamin E to help soothe your chapped lips, all while tasting like a very delicious combination of mocha, chocolate, and vanilla.

    Price: $8

    10. A set of The Empire nesting dolls for any Star Trek fans out there — just kidding!! I know they're from Star Tours!

    Price: $17

    11. A weekly journal filled with activities to help you find positivity and balance in your very hectic life.

    Price: $13

    12. A set of eye-catching coasters to keep a lookout from your countertops during that monster bash you're gonna have.

    Price: 12-pack for $5

    13. A freezer boy magnet set that'll make taking messages so much more fun.

    Price: $20

    14. A Holy Hound costume, because dressing your dog up like a religious leader will finally show everyone just how much you worship your Dog.

    Price: $19

    15. A Robo Twist so you can finally get into the pickle jar without anyone's help!

    Promising Reviews: "I have severe arthritis so I have problems opening everything. My wife has had to help me for some time now. I started experimenting with this when I first received it, I used it to open jars of pickles to small plastic bottles of water and soda pop. This has been a lifesaver." —Awesome

    Price: $20

    16. A glass honey dispenser etched with an adorable honeycomb pattern and capable of drizzling sweetness just like Beyoncé.

    Price: $16

    17. A bottle of Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray to get those beachy waves — even if it's the middle of fall and you haven't seen sand in months.

    18. A LA Colors matte lipstick in cranberry red that'll give your pout a ton of moisture while adding the perfect pop of color.

    Price: $3

    19. A globe-shaped wood bar for anyone who wants to have a more worldly drinking palette.

    Price: $173

    20. A plush Peppa Pig George toy your 2-year-old nephew will be obsessed with and you'll have no idea why but then you'll finally watch an episode with him and realize George has an English accent so you'll totally get it.

    Price: $8

    21. A Tarte limited edition, quick drying matte lip paint in "Fairytale" so you can have some fun experimenting with your makeup routine.

    22. A jar of Crayola Bath Dropz to help make bathtime so much more fun.

    Promising Review: "I got these for my grandson when he was two. He is seven now and still loves to play with them. I have a shower, (with no tub), and it is his science lab. He has containers, including a set of plastic test tubes, beakers and graduated cylinders. He loves to mix all kinds of colors using these tabs. He also pretends to make all kinds of drinks and 'healthy' juices. When combined with shaving cream, he often paints pictures on the shower wall or himself. It is also fun to take the three colors and let the shower run them into each other to make rainbow rivers. I turn the shower down to a dribble and give him a gallon of water to use for his 'experiments'. Never any problem with any kind of staining on the child or anything else. For the price, this is one of THE BEST creative toy you can buy!" —Holiga

    Price: 60-pack for $5

    23. A splatter dome, because your microwave shouldn't look like a crime scene just because you're heating up leftovers.

    Price: $7

    24. A Good Grips cherry and olive pitter that'll be perfect for when you decide to get wild and make a pie from scratch.

    Price: $13

    25. A bottle of e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleaner designed to help you clean your brush after each use.

    Price: $4

    26. A porcelain Jonathan Adler Muse Blanc candle so your home can become as fancy as you are.

    27. And this jar of luxurious AF La Prairie cellular 3-minute facial peel, because who knew Jet sells luxury skincare?!

    Price: $230

    IRL footage of you after you realize all the awesome things you can find at Jet.

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