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    24 Products That'll Help You Get The Curly Hair Of Your Dreams

    The grass is always greener on the side of beautiful curly hair. The products in this post were updated in February 2018.

    1. This ceramic curling wand that'll leave your hair with perfectly smooth, silky curls filled with luster.

    2. This thickening mousse for fuller feeling hair that'll actually keep a curl.

    3. Some duck bill hair clips to secure your curls after you release them from the curling iron.

    4. This extra-strong hold hairspray that comes out in a quick dry mist so it won't weigh down your hair.

    5. These ionic conditioning ceramic hair rollers designed to give you frizz-free curls that repel humidity and static.

    6. This thermal conditioning mousse meant to protect your hair from heat damage, while giving you volume and a perfect curl.

    7. This beachy wave curling iron for the kind of hair people will think you just woke up with.

    8. This hair oil to restore your hair's softness after it's spent too much time in the heat.

    9. These flexible curling rods you can twist into your hair to get long-lasting curls.

    10. This saltwater styling spray for when you need to enhance your hair's natural curl — if you have any.

    11. This high-performance curler that uses tourmaline ceramic technology to help eliminate static, reduce frizz, and protect your hair from heat damage while adding shine and curls.

    12. This set of hot rollers with a grip design so you can secure them quickly on those mornings when you're already running late.

    13. This texture-amplifying spray to get hair with incredible body, volume, and added oomph.

    14. This thermal protector so you can hydrate and smooth your heat-treated hair.

    15. This volumizing hairspray for hair that holds for 120 hours, withstands high humidity, is flake-free, quick-drying, and wind-resistant for gusts up to 25 mph.

    16. This dry shampoo because if you manage to get your hair to keep the curl, you better not wash it for as long as you can.

    17. This thickening spray to give your locks the girth they need to actually be manageable.

    18. These fabric hair rollers you can sleep in! You hear that, mom? Some parents don't force their kids to sleep in plastic rollers before picture day!

    19. This flexible nonaerosol hairspray designed to help enhance and lock in your wave.

    20. These foam rollers that are the tried and true way to get that glamorous bounce.

    21. This perm kit so you can give yourself a long-lasting wave at home.

    22. These instant-heat curlers for a soft curl that looks totally natural.

    23. This curl activator to set your hair and not get that weird crunch products can sometimes leave.

    24. And this dry texturizing spray perfect for adding thickness, reviving oily hair, and getting your curls to stay.

    Now go, get your curly hair on!

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