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Parents: What's The Best Money Saving Trick You Know?

Tell us your awesome cost-saving products, hacks, tips, tricks, or magic spells that help you keep your money where your wallet is.

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Being a parent is hard. There are diapers, tantrums, vomit, and those are just your pre-teens.

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It's also expensive as all hell. Wether it's tuition, new shoes, or just getting food on the table, parents have to shell out some serious 💰 for their kids.

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You just want the best for your kids.

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How are parents supposed to do it??

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If you're a parent, we want to know about each and every one of the awesome cost-saving products, hacks, tips, or tricks, you have in your arsenal.

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Do you have a meal planning system that allows you to feed your army on a budget?

Did you create the world's best stockpile of diapers ever known... at a fraction of the price?

Have you figured out the best places to score the greatest deals on toys, clothes, or anything?!

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Tell us everything you know about saving money as a parent!

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Share your must-know products, tips, tricks, and hacks and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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