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33 Fancy AF Office Supplies That Won't Break The Bank

It'll be like if Michael Scott's office were drenched in riches.

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3. Or this jewel of a writing utensil to jot down all your important notes.

Promising Review: "Beautiful pen. Fits in my clutch and, most importantly, it writes extremely smoothly. I also like that it twists up instead of a cap, which I would for sure lose!" —Cair

Get it from Amazon for $6.

4. This agenda as a place to organize all the fabulous events you'll be attending this year.

Promising Review: "It's beautiful! I'm going into my senior year of high school and this is perfect for organizing homework, test dates, school club meetings, and activities. It's extremely motivational with quotes, a place for goal setting, and a monthly and yearly reflection." —Hettie

Get a three-pack from Amazon for $17.

6. These file folders easily filled with the lavish tales of your fanciful life.


8. These clips that'll take you from barely keeping it together to fabulous in no time.

10. This wireless mouse so you can update that old boring one you currently use.

Promising Review: "This mouse is so cute. It's practical, not too big, fits perfectly in my palm, and has USB storage so you don't lose it. Plus, it looks fancy. I like fancy things that don't cost a lot of money." —Ana T.

Get it from Amazon for $10. (Available in a variety of colors.)


11. This laptop case to transform your computer into a luxurious piece of home decor.

Promising Review: "The coolest laptop case around. I love the feel of the soft plastic. The marble design is super awesome, and I get compliments on it every day. People can't tell that the computer is a Mac, or at least they are initially thrown off, so I get a lot of comments like, 'Woah, what kind of computer is THAT!?' The case looks very classy and expensive. Great price point for it." —Elky

Get it from Amazon for $13. (Available for 13-inch MacBook Air in a variety of colors.)

12. This stapler that'll have you declaring with pride, "Excuse me! I think you have my stapler!!" when someone takes it.

Promising Review: "Usually you hide staplers in a drawer because they're pretty ugly, but this stapler is really good looking and very classy! And it's a good stapler, too." —Lucinda Horn

Get it from Amazon for $17.

13. And this staple remover to match that new fancy stapler.

Promising Review: "Just what I needed in a simple, but must-have, office tool! Works without tearing the sheets, with all types of staples, (manual or electric, narrow or wide), and it looks stylish and stands out from the typical, run-of-the-mill products." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $10.

14. These binder clips for all those serious documents that could use a little pick-me-up.

Promising Review: "These are great little clips! They are strong, pretty, and go well with my little date book. Just the right size for clipping things in and holding the pages together." —Marie Alline

Get it from Amazon for $6.


16. This magnetic paper-clip dispenser because your paper clips should have a fabulous AF home, too.

18. These golden scissors perfect for helping you cut through the BS and just be glam.

Promising Review: "These scissors are so beautiful! I am redecorating my office and bought these because they match my color palette. I loved them so much that I ordered another one to use at home. They're beautiful, sharp, and have a really nice, heavy feel to them." —Sheila Manzanilla

Get it from Amazon for $20+. (Available in gold and rose gold.)


19. These sticky notes for all those messages Anna Wintour is going to be leaving you.

21. This marbled notebook that'll hold all your plans for world domination.


23. This mouse pad so it can look like you have a beautiful bouquet of roses on your desk all the time.

25. These push pins elegant enough to hold everything you need them to.


27. These beautiful but simple pencils to give your trusty number twos a run for their money.

29. This expanding file folder you shouldn't be fooled by. It's cute on the outside but holds some very serious stuff on the inside.

Promising Review: "This cute file expands to hold an abundance of papers. There are 13 individual pockets with tabs to label each one. It has a buckle-style closure, which keeps your papers securely inside if dropped. The handle on top makes the file easy to transport from your home to office. This would also be perfect for sorting bills." —Teresa Bailey

Get it from Amazon for $13. (Available in a variety of colors.)


31. This file organizer meant to be shown off on top of your desk.,

Promising Review: "This exceeded my expectations. I was a little worried what the color might look like in person because it's described as 'copper' but it's a very beautiful rose gold color. Goes perfectly with my new white office desk I got for grad school. I love it!" —Ashley Gagne

Get the set from Amazon for $16.

32. This calendar that's both stylish and practical all at once.

Promising Review: "After looking for a couple years for an easy and stylish way for my mom to know what day, date, and month it is when she wakes up, I stumbled onto this. It's easy for her to change every night, and it's super durable, easy to see, and pretty!" —LJames

Get it from Amazon for $17.

33. And this printer paper because who would ever think there was such well-dressed printer paper out there?