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    Jet Is The Online Shopping Service You Need To Know About

    You're about to be leaving on a Jet shopping spree — don't know when you'll be back again.

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    You've probably heard of Maybe, like me, you've seen your neighbors receiving hoards of their purple boxes, or maybe you've stumbled upon it in one of our lovely little shopping guides. But perhaps you still aren't sure about spending your hard-earned $$$ at the online shopping destination. Here's why you may want to give Jet a chance:

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    The online retailer launched in 2015 and started offering membership-free low-priced shopping shortly thereafter. For people who are loyal AF to Amazon, you may have dismissed our many attempts to convince you to explore their pretty awesome inventory. So before you begin your cries of "BuzzFeed, stop trying to make Jet happen, it's never gonna happen!" let us show you how Jet works — and a few of the awesome perks you can get by shopping there!

    1. There are no membership fees, so you won't feel the pressure to get your money's worth.

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    The low prices and free shipping (on orders over $35) are just that. No need to throw down on an annual fee or feel compelled to order a certain amount to justify a membership!

    2. You'll get discounts on your entire order when you buy higher quantities and specially marked products.

    Every time you add items with the arrow logo to your cart, the prices of all the items in your order will drop — so if you're replenishing your toothpaste, chances are it'll help you save on many of the other things you're buying, like that box of cereal and or pack of paper towels. These arrowed items help save you money because they can be packed and shipped with other items in your cart. It costs Jet less to ship you those items, and so they pass the savings on to you.

    3. You can also get some serious savings if you opt out of free returns.

    There's a good chance you may be going to Jet to buy those essentials — things you've used before and have no intention of returning. Well, if you decide to opt out of having a free-return benefit, you may just get a discount on your purchase! Because the cost of a potential return is already built into the price of items you buy online, when you opt out of free returns, the savings from that are passed on to you as well.

    4. And there are even more discounts for paying with your debit card!

    The list price of every item is basically just the starting price. You can lower the price further by buying more, opting out of free returns, and paying with your debit card — because of the lower fees associated with processing that transaction.

    5. If your order is $35 or more you qualify for free shipping — and most of the stuff you need can be delivered in two days.

    Jet offers two-day shipping (and sometimes even faster) on what it considers everyday essentials (things like toilet paper, napkins, etc.), free two- to five-day shipping on orders over $35, and a flat fee of $5.99 on anything under that.

    6. The retailer has a really awesome in-house brand with loads of high-quality household essentials and groceries at reasonable prices.

    Uniquely J offers a slew of high-quality products you probably buy on the regular: including coffee, snacks, cleaning products, napkins, food storage bags, sauces and oils, and more.

    Get the Sparkling Grapefruit Scented Bathroom Cleaner for $3.99 and the Organic Tomato Basil Sauce for $3.99.

    7. It's an authorized retailer of a ton of luxury beauty products.,

    Next time you want to invest in a pricer beauty product, you might want to check Jet. It's authorized to sell a bunch of really quality products, and you can often find a pretty solid discount on them!

    Get Dior's Sauvage Spray for Men for $74.99 and the Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray for $42.

    8. You can talk to an actual human whenever you need shopping support.


    Customer service reps are available 24/7 to help you with your purchase or any questions you may have about a particular item.

    9. It's the cheapest place on the internet to buy your favorite flavors of La Croix La Croix.

    After conducting a thorough investigation, the team here at BuzzFeed has determined that the cheapest, most consistent place (with the best selection of flavors) to buy a 12-pack of La Croix without any membership fees on the internet is Jet. Yes, Jet! Some flavors are slightly cheaper on Amazon but you need to be a Fresh, Prime or Prime Pantry membership to get those lower prices.

    So if you're a La Croix addict, get yourself a refreshing 12-pack from Jet for $6.29.

    10. It sells ModCloth clothing and accessories!

    Yupp! You can find SO many of the adorable and stylish pieces from ModCloth (as well as a bunch of other great brands) at Jet. So while you're stocking up on your essentials, might as well just throw in that super-cute dress you've been eyeing. 'Cause, treat yo'self!

    Get this dress for $30.97 (available in sizes S-3XL).

    11. And, if you're still not convinced...well, Jet also has a pretty awesome adult shop where you can stock up on all those tools you'll need later.

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    If you're in a need of a new vibrator, some Plan B, or just a pair of 6-inch lucite heels, Jet is your jam. No awkward human interaction needed.

    What you'll feel like after you've done your shopping on Jet.

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