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24 Products For Anyone Who Is Basically Thirsty AF

Sure, "your friend" is thirsty. Right! Totally. "Your friend."

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3. This guide so they can finally learn how to quench that thirst.

Promising Review: "Having read many articles, books, blog posts, and opinion pieces on the tricky subjects of love and romance, I feel I am more than qualified to say that Dr. Tingles work is without a doubt the most valuable resource I've found. Upon reading, it becomes very apparent that Dr. Tingle has undertaken countless hours of painstaking research to bring us the information within; from questions about how to romance any of the four datable creatures, to a delightful chocolate milk recipe sure to woo even the most guarded of bucks, to how one may defend against dark magic used by snake men. All of these invaluable life lessons come just when we, the entirety of the human race, needs them most. Dr. Tingle is beyond anything we deserve but absolutely what we need most right now. Thank you." —Dylan

Get it on Amazon for $8.

4. These glasses because...I mean, they were made for them.


9. This pen for when they need to be discreet about their thirst.


17. This T-shirt that just labels them for the world to know.

Get it from Amazon for $20. (Available in men's and women's sizes and in a variety of colors.)