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    23 Top-Rated Sandals From Nordstrom You'll Want To Wear All Summer

    It's as if Nordstrom is conspiring to steal my entire paycheck.

    1. A summer staple you'll wear with nearly everything you own.

    2. Some Birkenstocks you can wipe clean.

    3. An evening shoe for all those hot summer nights.

    4. A gladiator sandal you'll never want to take off.

    5. A wraparound thong sandal that makes a perfect summer statement. (It's stating, "OMG! I'm so pretty!")

    6. Some Havaianas because they're basically the best damn flip-flops the world has ever known.

    7. A scallop-strap sandal perfect for that floral summer dress you're thinking of getting.

    8. Some slides that'll transport you to a European beach...okay not really but they're f#*&ing cute as shit.

    9. A gladiator sandal that's comfortable AF.

    10. A wraparound sandal because maybe you're a ballerina who needs a summer shoe, or maybe you're not and these are just super pretty so you want them.

    11. An ankle-strap sandal that comes in all the perfect pops of color.

    12. Some very festive sandals because there is a party at your feet and everyone is invited.

    13. A classic high-heel sandal that have a chunky enough heel to make them bearable for long periods of time.

    14. Some faux-fur slides because it's summer and you can't really wear the boots with the fur.

    15. A pair of Toms sandals that have a super cushy soul.

    16. A sandal made of recycled yoga mats because reduce, reuse, recycle.

    17. A pair of leather slides that are so perfectly on trend.

    18. A pair of Rainbow flip-flops for when you're cruising those San Clemente beaches.

    19. Some multi-color slides that'll complete that boho look you've mastered.

    20. A pair of lace-up sandals you can wear to weddings, or a night out, or to work (probably).

    21. A block-heel sandal that'll give you a little bit of height without killing your feet.

    22. Some Fenty slides because they're cute but also, because Rihanna is bae!

    23. And some splurge-worthy Tory Burch sandals that are totally worth the investment.