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    21 Things That'll Have Backstreet Boys Fans Saying, "Oh My God They're Back Again!"

    Backstreet's not back, they never left!

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    1. A very fitted Backstreet Boys T-shirt to celebrate their 20th anniversary...back in 2013 — yup that's right, BSB has been gracing us with their harmonies for 26 YEARS. Feel old yet?

    Promising review: "Great T-shirt that I plan to wear to the concert. I am 150 lbs. and the XL fits well (this is a junior's-size shirt)." —Kasia M.

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99 (available in sizes M, L, and XL).

    2. A ceramic mug because just in case you didn't feel old before, let's go back to a simpler time when we were tasked with making the decisions that really mattered — having to work out the logistics of who's marrying who with all your friends because two of you could not share Nick.

    Micki Smith Mugs on Etsy

    Get it from Micki Smith Mugs on Etsy for $14+ (available in two sizes).

    3. And a fitted crew-neck T-shirt to express all those fallen dreams.

    Sunny Saturdays on Etsy

    Get it from Sunny Saturdays on Etsy for $18 (available in sizes S-XL and in gray and white).

    4. A BSB themed condom. That's all I'll say about that.

    Naughty Kitchen on Etsy

    Get them from Naughty Kitchen on Etsy for $13.20.

    5. A comfy handmade cotton pillow to rest your head — I've been to Paris, made my way down to Rome, even seen the sun setting on the beach in Mexico, but I could care less, 'cause I was without the comfort of this cushion.

    Go Fluff Yourself on Etsy

    Get it from Go Fluff Yourself on Etsy for $27.46 (also available in black).

    6. A T-shirt perfect for throwing your hands up in the air, waving them 'round like you just don't care — I mean, if you wanna party let me hear you yell 'cause we got it going on with this shirt.

    Game Day Tees Co on Etsy

    Get it from Game Day Tees Co on Etsy for $24+ (available in sizes XS-2XL, in a different font, and in 21 colors).

    7. An illustrated anniversary card that's perfect for that special someone who will never break your heart, make you cry — the person who would rather die than live without you.

    Papermain on Etsy

    Get it from Papermain on Etsy for $5.

    8. A pair of Vegas-themed briefs 'cause this is going to be as close as you get to getting a Backstreet Boy in your pants.

    Backstreet Boy Store

    Get them from the Backstreet Boy Store for $15 (available in sizes S, L-XL).

    9. A '90s inspired 100% cotton T-shirt your closet will be incomplete without.

    Hot Topic

    Get it from Hot Topic for $16.03 (available in sizes XS, M-XL).

    10. A set of Funko figurines that, if we're honest, we've been waiting so long for — just can't hold it back no more.


    Pre-order Nick, Brian, and Kevin from Amazon for $10.99 each.

    11. A pack of nail decals — just make sure to get a perfect fan so that they totally dry before you handle anything.


    Promising review: "So this was the first time I've ever done nail decals and it was pretty easy! The directions on the back are pretty simple and straightforward, and they look really good on my nails once I put them on there. The only thing that stinks is you have to cut them really close to the design or else you can tell they're a decal." —Dani

    Get a sheet of 46 decals from Amazon for $4.50+ (available in three colors).

    12. A delightful crew neck T-shirt, because we all know your one desire is to get this top.

    MayiaBella on Etsy

    Get it from MayiaBella on Etsy for $19.80 (available in sizes XS-3XL and with personalization).

    13. A vinyl bumper sticker that'll let you roll with it in style.

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    14. A set of beaded friendship bracelets so your bestie knows that no one else comes close.

    Trail Of Sparkles on Etsy

    Get it from Trail Of Sparkles on Etsy for $10 (available in five sizes).

    15. A very handsome magnetic bookmark — what are the chances you're going to lose your spot if you've got one of these guys holding your place?

    My Beautiful Disasters on Etsy

    Get them from My Beautiful Disasters on Etsy for $3+ each (or the set of five for $10).

    16. A super comfy relaxed fit T-shirt perfect for rocking your body, alright.

    Park Lane Press on Etsy

    Get it from Park Lane Press on Etsy for $19.80+ (available in sizes S-2X and in 17 colors).

    17. An adorable plastic pin – you'll wish you can turn back time so you could have gotten this thing ages ago.

    Viva Forever Designs on Etsy

    Get it from Viva Forever Designs on Etsy for $4.62.

    18. A slim-fit crew-neck T-shirt because your other one has a permanent stain.


    Promising review: "The shirt arrived on time and came out exactly as you see it online, very happy with the purchase. If you're a Backstreet Boys fan (BSB) then I highly recommend you get this shirt. One of my favorite tees now! :)" —Charity A Johnson

    Get it from Amazon for $18.98+ (available in sizes M-XXL).

    19. A 120-page lined notebook so you can write out and think through all your larger than life problems.


    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    20. A cropped Backstreet's Back album top you'll hold tightly and whisper, "if I don't have you" because everybody knows that as long as you love BSB, you'll give them all you have to give — that's the way you like it and you'll make 10,000 promises like a child would. And if there is ever the opportunity you'll scream out "Hey, Mr. DJ (keep playin' that song)" as you set adrift on memory bliss, yup that's what she said, 'cause if you want it to be good girl, get yourself a Backstreet Boy album tee.


    Get it from Amazon for $16.50 (available in sizes S-XL).

    21. And this vintage concert tee from 1998 which looks AWFULLY similar to this new Balenciaga T-shirt — just saying.

    VTGdallas on Etsy, Farfetch

    Get the vintage tee from VTGdallas on Etsy for $139.99 (available in size XL) and the Balenciaga T-shirt from Farfetch for $550 (available in sizes M-XL).

    Now, let's all celebrate our love for the greatest boy band in modern day history —

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