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    28 Gorgeous Accessories That Are Actual Works Of Art

    Everything you need to turn your jewelry box into a museum.

    1. A resin ring that captures flowers and gold leaf so you can wear it around your finger.

    2. A phone case gorgeous enough to be on display in an art gallery.

    3. A sparkling stone necklace we think "Flaming June" should totally wear.

    4. A colorful ring sculpted to perfection like a statue by Rodin, or should I say Camille....

    5. A tote bag to carry around on "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte."

    6. A stunning mint and gold necklace to wear at a "Café Terrace at Night."

    7. Some neon tassel earrings for you next visit to the Museum of Modern Art.

    8. A passport holder to use when you go and see the sculptures of Michelangelo.

    9. These charming hair combs that may or may not be inspired by Albrecht Dürer.

    10. A necklace that perfectly matches La Casa Azul.

    11. A wallet that resembles so many of your favorite literary works of art.

    12. Some bold colored earrings we're certain Matisse would approve of.

    13. A plate clutch inspired by a Chanel purse that costs like $10K. Yes, ten-thousand dollars.

    14. This watch with a flexible mesh strap so it melts onto your wrist like "The Persistence of Memory."

    15. Some stunning embroidered earrings that'll give the "Girl with the Pearl Earring" a run for her money.

    16. A statement necklace that looks like it could have been pulled from the background of Gustav Klimt's, "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I."

    17. These eye-catching blue ear cuffs you can wear on "The Starry Night."

    18. A phone case to protect your phone while you snap a pic of some "Water Lilies."

    19. This delicate little ring, which might make a perfect push present for an Italian merchant's wife.

    20. A nest handbag you can carry as you stroll through the Musée d'Orsay.

    21. Some festive tassel earrings available in every color ever featured in an Andy Warhol painting.

    22. An acrylic clutch you can wear to your next gallery visit.

    23. A beaded headband we know the little girl from "Las Meninas" would wear.

    24. A handmade woven bag that's as detailed as Diego Rivera's "The Flower Carrier."

    25. A crystal collar necklace stolen from the neck of "A Polish Nobleman."

    26. Some fabric drip earrings Jackson Pollock might call No. 21.

    27. A delicate ring pretty enough to be a part of one of Monet's gardens.

    28. And this embroidered backpack made with every color on the palette.

    And now you basically have everything you need to be Blair Woldorf.