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15 Futuristic Home Products That Are So Cool They're Kinda Scary

Get back to the future right now.

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Elena Garcia

It’s easy to think we haven’t caught up with Hollywood’s vision of the future. We don’t have hoverboards (yet), we’re still waiting on a robot maid like Rosie Jetson, and how is it they haven’t invented time travel? But don’t let the lack of these inventions fool you, mankind has created some pretty exciting products that prove the future is NOW.

1. This device that turns any surface into a remote control:

Knocki / Via

Knock three times on the ceiling if you want to find your phone, twice on the pipe if the temperature needs adjusting! Knocki will turn any of your surfaces into a remote control for many of the devices in your home.

3. This fork with Bluetooth:


This state of the art smart fork will fill in for Mom when she isn’t around. In hopes of creating healthier eating habits, this fork will light up and vibrate to tell you you’re eating too fas and tracks your diet, all in a handy little app. Great for the people wanting to revolutionize the way they eat.


5. A robotic bartender:

Somabar / Via

Who needs a butler when you can have a bartender that sits on your counter??? This app-controlled bartender will mix your personalized cocktail (even the bitters) and then fit right into your dishwasher for an easy clean-up.

6. This selfie toaster:

Burnt Impressions / Via

This is either a sign that the apocalypse is coming or that technology has maybe gone too far. This toaster will give you perfectly crisp toast with your favorite selfie on it. Yes, you can now eat your face.


7. An in-bed tablet stand:

Lab C / Via

Quite frankly, how did we not invent this sooner? The number of times we’ve been laying in bed watching the latest episode of Veep, when, SPLAT, goes the iPad on top of our face. Well, not anymore! This stand will hold your device so that it is up and your hands are free… to drop your phone on your face.

9. An air conditioner for your desk:

Evapolar / Via

Imagine a world where you weren’t complaining about the temperature at work. Well, now you can live it. Evapolar has created a tiny air conditioner that will create a micro climate of cool, purified air around your work space.


11. A bathroom fan with Bluetooth and LED lighting:

Home Depot / Via

Homewerks Worldwide has created a bathroom fan with a Bluetooth-enabled stereo and LED lights, so you can now easily stream your favorite jam from your phone or tablet while you’re in the bathroom. The LED light also comes with your traditional white light or a calming blue night light.

12. Devices that are touchless:

Soli / Via

So technically this gadget isn't here just yet, but it's so close you can almost touch it! Or not. Soli is a new sensing technology that uses a radar about the size of a quarter to detect touchless gesture interactions. Meaning that soon, many of our devices will be controlled with a move of our finger. I guess we are catching up to Hollywood, watch out Tom Cruz!

13. Some smart light bulbs:

Stack Labs / Via

There is now a light bulb smarter than most of us. Stack light bulbs adjust to your life and replicate the natural light we crave. The mimicking of sunlight will help you feel your best and their smart technology will help you save money, which also makes you feel pretty good.

14. This self-sterilizing door handle:

Laura Buitrago/SSP / Via

If you’re a germophobe, then this next invention will be the miracle you’ve been prayin' for! This bacteria-resistant door handle will let you enter and exit from any location, in peace. Designed by two high school students, this revolutionary handle combines titanium dioxide, which helps prevent bacteria and UV light, to kill any new bacteria.

15. And a refrigerator that stores your grocery list and tells you when you're eating too much:

Samsung / Via

This refrigerator has cameras inside to snap pictures and let you know if you’re out of milk or if your fruit has gone bad. Along with sending you the information to your smartphone, it plays music, allows you to leave notes and monitors your food intake.

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