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  • Insane Active Volcano Boarding

    One of the main reasons we have settled on Nicaragua, was to try sledding down an active volcano. How can one pass along a chance to go down an active volcano on a piece of wood, with a rope as a steer and your feet acting as breaks?


    It is difficult to describe Iceland in a few sentences. Isolated from the rest of the world, it is shrouded in folklore and mystery. From majestic fjords and geysers to northern lights, Iceland has a lot to offer. Situated between Europe and North America, this small nation thrives in isolation. Our journey across this magical island allowed us an opportunity to witness its beauty. We took the time to select 15 photos that describe Iceland best.


    No visit is complete to Iceland without waterfalls. It is hard to write about Iceland and omit the waterfalls. Rather than have snapshots and mentions of the various falls we encountered, we decided to do a super post on all the waterfalls that stood out for us. Our journey began on famous Ring of Fire road. First stop, Þingvellir National Park is more famous for the rifts between the tectonic plates and Geysir. For us, it was the beginning of a love affair with Iceland’s majestic and mystical waterfalls.

  • 10 Reasons To Travel To Nicaragua

    Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America. However, tourism is on the rise due to Nicaragua’s variety of activities, historical sites, breathtaking landscapes, warm weather and much more. This is our top 10 and I am sure we missed a lot.


    Who doesn’t love Christmas? The gifts, foods and Christmas music brings everyone’s spirits up however we found something odd. We present to you the new trend of strange ornaments that will make you never look at the holidays the same way again.

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