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11 Things Your Single Self Can Do This V-Day

Or should it be called D-Day amiright?

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3. Binge Watch 'The Following' on Netflix

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Do you like Criminal Minds? That's not even a question, we know you do. Netflix has 3 seasons of this online so you can sit around and watch for hours- you don't even have to go outside!! Not to mention there are some seriously attractive individuals in the show- so let the ogling begin

5. Get Dressed Up to Order Chinese & Watch a Movie

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The main part about why V-Day pisses me off is there's no date for me to dress up for. So I just get cute for myself and chill on the couch. Best part? There's no one to impress so you can just shovel food in your mouth. You could even do this with your other single friends!!

* And if you don't have any, I am so sorry and I understand why you're reading this article


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Whether it's a trip to Kroger to pick up that new Barefoot Bubbly or some fancy vineyard special I definitely haven't heard of- nothing bad ever came from drinking alone on Valentine's Day right..... right? HACK: Get really drunk THEN invite your "couple-friends" over so you can tolerate them!

7. Go See Deadpool

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There are multiple perks to this one:

-RYAN REYNOLDS. Nuff' said.

-The movie theater will be empty because everyone's out on unnecessarily expensive dates so you can sit in every seat in two minute increments!

10. Treat Yo'Self

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(But don't break your bank) Local pharmacies have some pretty good pampering items- face masks, lotion that smells like an orgasm feels, new lipstick, mani/pedi kits- all for a relatively cheap price!

11. Buy Yourself Flowers... Cause You're a Damn Goddess

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Seriously, Valentine's Day minus the valentine doesn't have to be that heart breaking experience we see in break-up movies. It can be a good excuse to start loving yourself as much as Kanye loves himself. May your V-Day be bright and definitely not bloody


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