8 Insanely Adorable Cats That Love Fireplaces

There’s nothing cuter than a cat. Except a cat by a blazing fire. Forget a hot tin roof, fireplaces attract furry friends like moths to a flame. Dancing, glowing embers, a crackling roar - it’s warmth for your body and soul. Curl up, grab a frosty beverage and enjoy our feisty feline friends in all their glory. #Meow.

1. It hasn’t yet been scientifically proven that falling asleep next to the fire is good for you, but we like to think it is.

You’re getting sleepy, very sleepy.

2. This party animal had too much to drink.

Looks like my family on Thanksgiving.

3. Four peas in a pod.

That is one old school space heater. Living like it’s 1998.

4. That Electric Stove is keeping this tabby warm and toasty.

Obligatory product placement: You can be warm and toasty, too!

5. The kitty halfway house.

6. Mr. Snickers blends in with the rest of your fall decor.

7. Patches enjoying sexy time by the fire.

8. Make sure you find someone to cuddle up with before hibernation season.

Enough cuteness for one day.

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