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15 Gorgeous London-Inspired Tattoos You'll Absolutely Love

Because the greatest city on earth gets under your skin.

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1. This incredible Big Ben-and-flower artwork.

2. This realistic tattoo, which perfectly captures the phrase "seeing the sights."

3. This dark ode to Big Ben.

4. These coordinates for the centre of the city.

5. This gorgeous riverside stag's head.

6. This hardcore Union Jack.

7. This simple stroke of a skyline.

8. And this even simpler one.

9. This tiny, adorable version of the London Eye.

10. This scenic circular tat that gives you inky London Eye views.

12. This gorgeous Big Ben/Union Jack masterpiece.

13. This all-out London sleeve.

14. This interesting take on the London tube.

15. And this seriously intricate touristy tat.

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