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What Totally Fascinating Wikipedia Pages Have Kept You Reading All Night?

Whether it's because it was super spooky or just super interesting.

If there's one thing literally everyone is guilty of, it's staying up all night reading Wikipedia articles that are simultaneously interesting and totally useless in everyday life.


So we want you to recommend us your favourite seriously fascinating pages – whether it's something creepy, like Carl Tanzler, who became so obsessed with a patient that he stole her body from its tomb and kept it in his house.

Wikipedia Commons

It could be something so interesting and in-depth that you end up staying up all night just to get to the end, like Wiki's Timeline of the Far Future.

Wikipedia Commons

Or maybe you're into the classic Wikipedia list posts – like my personal favourite, List of Common Misconceptions.

Wikipedia Commons

Whatever it is, leave the most fascinating Wikipedia page you've found in the comments, and your submission could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!