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18 Times "Gogglebox" Made You Literally LOL

"I liked the Spice Girls. Cheryl was my favourite though."

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1. When Stephen and Chris discussed their taste in men while watching Homeland.

2. When Steph and Dom were watching Made in Chelsea, and weren't impressed by the cast's wastefulness.

3. And when Dom complained about Steph's lipstick getting everywhere.

4. When Sandra didn't know where the River Thames was, and Sandy wasn't impressed.

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5. When Leon and June discussed their favourite Spice Girls.

6. And when June was tired of Leon's questions.

7. When Scarlett thought George Michael was dead.

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8. And when she said this about Simon Cowell when he was wearing sunglasses inside.

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9. When the Malone family were having absolutely none of the language on this show.

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10. When the Siddiquis were watching Antiques Roadshow, and they were a bit on edge.

11. And when they said this about Jeremy Clarkson.

12. When Chris came out with this sick burn.

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13. When Reverend Kate told this anecdote.

14. When the Michael family children discussed their heritage.

15. When Steph and Dom discussed going to the Oscars.

16. When Leon provided this review of whales.

17. And, of course, every face Scarlett Moffatt ever makes.

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18. Seriously.

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