The New "KUWTK" Proved Kourtney's Relationship With Scott Is Seriously Complicated

    "Call me a wah-mbulance and move on." – Khloé

    Kourtney Kardashian's relationship with her ex Scott Disick has always been rocky, to say the least.

    They appeared to break up for good last year after Scott flew a woman out to his hotel during a family vacation in Costa Rica.

    Kourtney has since been linked to boxer Younes Bendjima – a relationship that may be confirmed during this season of KUWTK – while Scott has been papped cosying up with a number of women, including Bella Thorne and Sofia Richie.

    But the latest episode of KUWTK focused in part on Kourtney and Scott's relationship, and it seems like things between them have just become even more complicated.

    In the episode, Kourtney goes on a girls trip to Mexico to celebrate her birthday while Scott stays home with the kids.

    But things got complicated before Kourtney even left, when she revealed to Khloé and Kim that Scott wanted her and the kids to go on a trip with him for his birthday.

    And Khloé wasn't here for it, telling Kourtney she should stop messing around with Scott because she's sending "mixed messages".

    "Can you believe that after we catch Scott with a girl in Costa Rica, they're now going on another vacation together as a family?" Khloé then says to Kim during a confessional.

    But Kourtney just said she doesn't expect Kim and Khloé to understand how she and Scott operate when it comes to being a family.

    Then later in the episode, we saw Kourtney on the phone to Scott after she called him to warn him that she had been out to dinner with a guy, and some photos of them together might come out in the media.

    And after that, Khloé – who has been close with Scott in the past – said she's totally over the whole situation.

    But later in the episode, after she got back from Mexico, Kourtney opened up to Kris about how she feels Scott won't allow her to move on.

    "All he does is try to make everybody else feel bad for him," she said. "And try to make me look like the bad guy in the situation, when clearly I'm not."

    And when Kris tried to argue in Scott's favour, Kourtney told her that's exactly what he wants everyone to think.

    "Brittney told me yesterday about, like, five different girls he's hooking up with," she said. "He tricks all of you guys to think that he's sitting at home like a saint praying to the Bible."

    And when Kris suggested that she stop going on family trips with Scott, Kourtney came out with the big guns.

    "I feel like for so many years I've been worried about my actions setting off Scott," she then said in a confessional interview. "Which I think is not a healthy way to live my life."

    Keep living your best life, Kourt.