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    Taylor Swift Just Released Her New Music Video And Oh My God, It's So Dramatic

    More like Blade Runner 1989.

    Remember back in the olden times of Monday, when Taylor Swift released a surprise teaser for her new music video and the entire world went into a frenzy because it looked like she was naked?

    Well, now the full video is released and oh my god, guys, we have not been adequately prepared for this level of drama.

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    The video is another collaboration with Joseph Kahn, who's directed a number of Taylor's most iconic music videos, from "Blank Space" and "Bad Blood" to "Look What You Made Me Do".

    The video starts with a shot of Taylor in a black hood with flickering robot eyes and it gives me serious Blade Runner 2049 vibes.

    Then she struts down an alleyway covered in graffiti that says mysterious things like "I love you in secret".

    And THEN she walks into what looks like an abandoned department store, where naked robot bodysuit Taylor is trapped inside a glass box.

    Naked bodysuit Taylor and black hood Taylor face off, because it looks like naked bodysuit Taylor can grow badass robot armour now.

    Oh, and then she's sitting on a white horse.

    Remind you of anything??? Oh yeah, it's that scene from the "Blank Space" video where the psycho serial dater Taylor is riding white horses with her latest victim.

    Then there's the shot of naked bodysuit Taylor holding a crystal ball that we got in the preview.

    But, oh wait, it's not a crystal ball at all, it's some kind of robot power she's using to literally fly into the air.

    And then she uses her robot powers to create lightning and break out of the glass prison she's been trapped in.

    And she ends up completely taking out black hood Taylor.

    Who, it turns out, was actually a robot all along.

    And then the Taylor who was trapped inside the glass box ascends the broken-down escalator to freedom...

    Leaving black hood Taylor and all her other robot guards looking a little bit worse for wear.

    And, in the very last shot, we see the face of...the New Taylor.