This Is Why We Should All Love Steve From "Stranger Things" Now

    A masterclass in character development, TBH.


    OK, so, if you're anything like me, you probably spent the last weekend binge-watching the new season of Stranger Things and then yelling at your TV/computer/handheld device because you have to wait a whole year for Season 3.

    And you are now probably shocked to find yourself rooting for the last character you ever expected to root for: Steve Harrington.

    Let's recap, shall we? Last season, Steve was just a guy with really tall hair who was also a bit of an asshole.

    But Steve went through some serious character development this season, and now I love him like he loves his collection of baseball bats covered in nails.

    First of all, in the year that's passed since Season 1, Steve has become a way better boyfriend to Nancy.

    He truly loves her, BUT when Nancy tells him she doesn't really love him, he never tries to convince her otherwise, which Season 1 Steve DEFINITELY would have done.

    Instead of being a grade-A asshole about his breakup with Nancy, Steve becomes unlikely allies with Dustin and actually starts being a useful person.

    And by the end of the season, he's basically become an adoptive dad to all the kids whose parents seem to be totally oblivious to the fact that they're all in serious danger.

    He repeatedly puts his own life on the line to keep the others safe, takes a serious beating from Billy when he defends Lucas, and stops the kids from running straight into danger at least 400 times per episode.

    And even though he pretends it's in his own best interests, you KNOW it's because he actually genuinely cares about them.

    He's also responsible for some of the funniest, most light-hearted moments of a pretty dark season.

    Like, I genuinely laughed out loud at this line:

    But the most important part of this entire season is Steve's friendship with Dustin and NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE.

    We got to see more of Dustin's family life this season, and it seems like his dad isn't around, which makes his relationship with Steve even more heartwarming.

    Oh, and I will most likely be emotional about Steve dropping Dustin off at the Snow Ball for the rest of my life.

    In conclusion, I love Steve now and I am sorry for ever feeling otherwise.