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    Sia Has Released A Music Video In Tribute To The Orlando Shooting Victims

    The music video features 49 dancers, which is the number of people killed in the incident.

    Sia has released a music video for her new song, "The Greatest", which features Kendrick Lamar and is dedicated to the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting that occurred in Orlando in June this year.

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    The video begins with a shot of Sia's longtime collaborator, dancer Maddie Ziegler, wiping her face with the colours of the rainbow.

    And according to the people involved, there are 49 dancers in the video, representing the 49 people who were killed in Orlando.

    But the most impactful part of the video is towards the end, when the 49 dancers suddenly drop to the floor in what looks like an abandoned warehouse.

    It ends with some particularly haunting shots of the kids lying completely still on the floor...

    Followed by silence, and a shot of Maddie with tears rolling down her cheek.

    Watch the powerful video in full here.