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Selena Gomez's Fans Are Tweeting Messages Of Support After Her Kidney Transplant

"You're amazing, you warrior."

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Fans are rallying in support of Selena Gomez after she revealed she is in recovery after receiving a kidney transplant as part of her treatment for lupus.

@selenagomez / Instagram / Via Instagram: @selenagomez

Two years ago, Selena revealed she had undergone chemotherapy treatment while people thought she was in rehab. She then decided to take a break from work to focus on bettering her health.

"I honestly look forward to sharing with you, soon my journey through these past several months as I have always wanted to do with you," Selena wrote in an Instagram post regarding the surgery.

@selenagomez / Instagram / Via

Since she shared the post, Selena's fans have inundated the comments with messages of love, support, and heart emojis.

@selenagomez / Instagram / Via
@selenagomez / Instagram / Via

And they're also sharing their messages of support via Twitter, using the hashtag #WeAreProudOfYouSelena.

you are stronger than lupus @selenagomez #WeAreProudOfYouSelena

You are the strongest human in the world and i love you endlessly #WeAreProudOfYouSelena

A warrior. A fighter. A strong woman. ❤️ #WeAreProudOfYouSelena

One fan called Selena a "warrior", saying she was the "definition of strength".

Definition of strength. This inspires me so much. You're amazing, you warrior. #WeAreProudOfYouSelena

People are also praising Selena's friend, actress Francia Raisa, who donated her kidney in what Selena called "the ultimate gift and sacrifice".

@franciaraisa / Instagram / Via Instagram: @franciaraisa

"It was a noble thing and we love you," one fan wrote to Francia.

We need to thank @therealfrancia, she is a real friend, everything she's done, it was a noble thing and we love you…

"This is true friendship," another person said.

im crying this is true friendship ♡ #WeAreProudOfYouSelena

And thank you, Francia! We can not thank you enough for this! You are our inspiration. 💜 #ThankYouFrancia…

Get well soon, Selena. 💖

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