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Jake Gyllenhaal Was Asked About Taylor Swift And It Got Awkward AF

Looks like he remembers it ~all too well~.

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ALLOW ME TO SET THE SCENE: It was November 2010, the air was cold, Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal walked through a door, and something about it felt like home somehow.

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It was an entirely more wholesome time and Taylor may have written a song about it called "All Too Well", but that's just speculation and I can't be certain, so don't come at me if I'm wrong.

Jake may have spent the last seven years avoiding questions about his relationship with Taylor, but according to "All Too Well", he kept her old scarf from that very first week.

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(I mean, we all saw those pictures of him wearing that scarf, didn't we?)

And while Jake's sister Maggie claims that she doesn't know anything about the scarf, everyone who's listened to "All Too Well" knows it's in Jake's drawer, even now*.

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*By "now" I mean 2012, when the song was released. Sources tell me this was half a decade ago but I'm rejecting this information.


ANYWAY, after all those years of avoiding any Swift-based questions, Jake was finally asked one he couldn't avoid in an interview promoting his new movie, Stronger.

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He was interviewed by Jeff Bauman, the survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing Jake plays in the movie, and they basically spent the whole time roasting each other.