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    Lil Nas X Shut Down People "Sexualizing" Gay Men After He Made A Video With James Charles

    "They're really about to pipe up with this video."

    On Tuesday, YouTuber James Charles uploaded his latest video: a collaboration with "Old Town Road" singer Lil Nas X.

    The video was met with much excitement from fans of both James' and Lil Nas' — it's already racked up almost 4 million views — but they did have to deal with some not-so-positive reactions online.

    James Charles /

    A few hours before the video dropped, Pop Crave, a news account on Twitter, posted screenshots of teasers shared to both stars' Instagram stories.

    James Charles & Lil Nas X tease YouTube collaboration video dropping today. 🎨

    And the replies to the tweet followed...a similar theme.


    The response is actually something James and Nas predicted in the video while they were discussing Nas's decision to publicly come out as gay last June.

    David Crotty / Getty Images

    "It was scary as hell," Nas said, "not knowing what was on the other side, I guess."

    "It was just, like, a feeling," he went on when James asked why he made the decision to come out. "And I was already feeling so fucking free, just with everything happening. I was like, fuck it."

    "I remember when you first came out of the closet, tweeting you and being like, 'Oh my god, congratulations!'" James recalled. "And everyone was like, 'He's not gonna fuck you.'"

    James Charles /

    "They're really about to pipe up, aren't they, with this video," Nas added. "This is what they want."

    Well, it seems like Lil Nas X had the time on Tuesday: He took a moment to shut down everyone on Twitter who was sexualising his friendship with James.

    David Crotty / Getty Images

    "2 gay men can do things together without y'all sexualizing it," he tweeted in response to Pop Crave.

    @PopCrave 2 gay men can do things together without y’all sexualizing it

    And that's the that on that!

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    You can watch James' video with Lil Nas X in full here:

    View this video on YouTube