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Katy Perry Has Apologised After People Said Her Shoe Designs Resembled Blackface

"Our intention was never to inflict any pain. We have immediately removed them."

Some designs from Katy Perry's shoe line, Katy Perry Collections, have been removed from stores and online after people said they were reminiscent of blackface.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

The designs in question were originally unveiled last month, and some people noted at the time that the facial features on black leather resembled blackface makeup.

Katy Perry Collections

The shoe designs were also available in gold and beige.

Now the shoes have been pulled from stores like Walmart and Dillard's, and can no longer be found on the Katy Perry Collections website.

Katy Perry Collections

In a statement, Katy herself apologised for the situation, saying she was "saddened" and assuring that the designs were never intended to cause offence.

Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, Katy said: "The Rue and The Ora were part of a collection that was ... envisioned as a nod to modern art and surrealism. I was saddened when it was brought to my attention that it was being compared to painful images reminiscent of blackface. Our intention was never to inflict any pain. We have immediately removed them from Katy Perry Collections."

But many people argued — whether intentional or not — the situation shouldn't have happened in the first place.

Regarding Katy Perry’s shoes; if you have to second guess whether a design is blackface/ probably is. “Reaching” or not, information is too readily accessible for this to occur. #DoBetter

Especially considering both Gucci and Prada have recently pulled designs amidst accusations of promoting blackface.

*Checks to see if coast is clear from anymore blackface products that will enrage me* Me: ”I think we're good *Sees Katy Perry’s new shoe line* Also me: ”FUCK, NEVERMIND!”

So Katy Perry has a blackface shoe and Gucci has a blackface turtleneck. I'm trying to figure out why they're both acting clueless as to how this happened.

It’s is all of FEBRUARY ELEVENTH and I feel like I’ve seen five years worth of blackface scandals

A representative for Katy Perry has been contacted for further comment.

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