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Jennifer Garner Has Revealed Exactly What She Realised At The Oscars

"Wait, maybe I should date a fish?"

As I'm sure you already know, the Oscars happened on Sunday, and Jennifer Garner was there looking incredible.

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And you're probably also aware of this amazing video that went viral after writer Bobby Finger noticed Jennifer coming to a realisation mid-applause.

What realization did Jennifer Garner just come to?

Of course, the internet immediately did its thing, and the moment became a huge meme.

There were extremely relatable tweets and, of course, references to some of Jennifer's most iconic works of cinema.

When you’re having a good time and realize you forgot to thaw the chicken for your mama

But here's some good news: We no longer have to wonder exactly what Jennifer was realising, because she just let us all know on her Instagram story.

The Ellen Show /

First up, we have the one thing everyone was definitely thinking during Oscars night (don't lie to yourself).

Then we have a reference to the commercials she does for Capital One.

And finally, an allusion to her upcoming HBO project with Lena Dunham.

We love a living meme.


And here's the full video, if you want to see an icon at work:

Jennifer has responded on her Instagram story.

You're welcome.

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