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    Jul 28, 2017

    11 '00s Shows Every British Person Wanted To Be On As A Kid

    Although let's face it, you probably ~were~ on Dick and Dom in da Bungalow.

    1. Dick and Dom in da Bungalow


    It felt like every British '00s kid knew someone who was either on this show or at least auditioned to be – but it never seemed to be you. Looking back, you don't know why you wanted to be on it so badly, because the contestants were made to do things like eat marmite mixed with custard (that actually happened to someone I knew).

    2. Jungle Run


    It was basically the kid version of Crystal Maze, so you can now just fantasise about being on that instead. Mostly you just wanted to be on this for the incredible prizes, which seemed to always include a DVD and/or minidisc player. Ahh, the '00s.

    3. Get Your Own Back


    If you didn't want to be on Get Your Own Back so you could slime a (probably undeserving) parent/relative/teacher, you are LYING. Every child of the '00s knew exactly who they would get their own back on, and why. Now, as an adult, you see this is just an example of kids being entitled.

    4. Raven


    You wanted nothing more than to be given your own warrior name, knew exactly which symbol you would prefer to wear on your costume, and thought the concept of winning your "heart's desire" at the end of the show was inspired. Looking back, though, it was always just a holiday.

    5. 50/50


    There's no way you didn't want to gather the entire population of your primary school so you could be on this show, even though the likelihood was you wouldn't have had any screen time. The tasks all seemed really challenging at the time, but looking back they were actually just a series of those inflatable obstacle courses they have at slightly crap funfairs.

    6. Best of Friends


    I cannot explain to you how obsessed I was with Best of Friends, a show where you and your friends had to do a bunch of horrible stuff in order to win a treat day for your group. Unfortunately, I never had a group of friends big enough to compete. (You needed 4 friends.)

    7. Prank Patrol


    I don't understand why this show was a thing, but it was, and you probably wanted to be on it. The "pranks" were always slightly crap, like framing your friend for a crime, which is not a prank, it's just mean.

    8. Rule the School


    This was presented by Jake Humphrey, as was seemingly every CBBC show in the '00s and probably about 78% of the shows on this list. You basically swapped roles with your teachers and taught them how to do ~cool~ stuff, like text and breakdance, which you definitely also could not do.

    9. S Club Search


    I'm not lying when I say that all my pre-teen heart ever wanted was to be a member of S Club Juniors. You most definitely watched this show religiously and enviously, as they searched the country for young boys and girls, none of which were you, who could be in the S Club 7 spin-off band.

    10. Xchange


    You undoubtedly spent way too much homework time on the CBBC website trying to gain points so you could appear on Xchange. The games were mostly really bizarre, but you wanted to be on it anyway, because TELEVISION.

    11. The Serious Series


    OK, so it wasn't ~technically~ a game show, because you never won anything – but being on one of the many iterations of Serious (Amazon, Jungle, Arctic, etc.) was a literal dream of yours. You definitely had a favourite series, and you would've done anything to take some time off school to go exploring on TV and then brag about it to your friends.

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