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    Demi Lovato Got Emotional During A Live Performance Of Her New Song About Sobriety

    "Tonight I took to the stage a new person with a new life."

    A few days ago, Demi Lovato surprised fans when she released a new single out of the blue. It's called "Sober", and seems to be about her experience with drug and alcohol addiction.

    Demi announced the unexpected release on social media with the caption "my truth..." and the emotional lyrics hint she may have relapsed after recently celebrating six years of sobriety.

    In October last year, Demi released her documentary Simply Complicated, in which she opened up about her past drug abuse.

    She also told Billboard that the biggest challenge when it came to her sobriety was being honest with the public about where she was at in the recovery process:

    I think what was difficult about the process was being honest about where I am in my life today. Telling the world that I'm not the poster child for recovery. Sometimes it's a struggle, and sometimes I still deal with issues that I have suffered from in the past. It's a challenge to maintain recovery.

    As a result, fans flooded Demi's social media pages praising her for her honesty when she released "Sober".

    I'm so proud of Demi for being so honest with us. Trust me admitting you need help is not easy at all, I can't even admit to my family and Demi just admitted it to the whole world. I love you @ddlovato. We will never leave your side, you will NEVER lose us. #WeLoveYouDemi #Sober

    Sober broke my heart into a million pieces. But thank you for your honesty ❤️ @ddlovato

    @ddlovato Dont forget that you have us. We will tell you we love you. Give your heart a break from all the aches you are in right now. ❤ we love you, always remember that, even when you're not sober anymore.

    On Sunday, Demi performed at the Rock in Rio festival in Lisbon, Portugal, and sang "Sober" live for the first time.

    During the performance, she got noticeably choked up when she sang the line, "I'm sorry for the fans I lost who watched me fall again / I wanna be a role model, but I'm only human."

    Afterwards she shared a video of the moment on her social media, thanking her fans for supporting her and saying she performed as "a new person with a new life".

    And fans immediately responded with an outpouring of love and support, using the hashtag #WeAreStillHereDemi.

    As Demi herself said, we've been down this road before, and we got through it stronger than EVER. And this is what we are going to do again. We didn't leave Demi then, and we won't ever do it. We're here for good. For better or for worse. #WeAreStillHereDemi

    We are still here, and we promise we’ll be forever! We love you, no matter what, we’ll ALWAYS support you. Please, never forget that. We are a family, and family is forever! ♡ #WeAreStillHereDemi

    Today is a day that needs to go down in "Lovatic" history. Demi got up on that stage and sang the most honest song to her fans and more. I will forever be here to support her, she was here for us. #WeAreStillHereDemi

    We're glad you're doing better, Demi. 💖