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    Sep 22, 2017

    21 Super Famous Actors In Their First Roles Vs. Their Most Recent

    And they're all still flawless.

    1. Colin Firth

    20th Century Fox

    First role: Tommy Judd in Another Country, 1984

    Most recent role: Harry Hart in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, 2017

    2. Helen Mirren

    BBC, Sony Pictures Classics

    First role: ~Advert Woman~ in Herostratus, 1967

    Most recent role: Ella in The Leisure Seeker, 2017

    3. Dev Patel

    E4, The Weinstein Company

    First role: Anwar Kharral in Skins, 2007

    Most recent role: Saroo Brierley in Lion, 2016

    4. Emma Stone

    VH1, Fox Searchlight Pictures

    First role: Laurie Partridge in The New Partridge Family, 2005

    Most recent role: Billie Jean King in Battle of the Sexes, 2017

    5. Eddie Redmayne

    Animal Ark, Warner Bros.

    First role: John Hardy in Animal Ark, 1998

    Most recent role: Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, 2016

    6. Meryl Streep

    CBS, 20th Century Fox

    First role: Sharon Miller in The Deadliest Season, 1977

    Most recent role: Florence in Florence Foster Jenkins, 2016

    7. Andrew Garfield

    Channel 4, Paramount Pictures

    First role: Tom in Sugar Rush, 2005

    Most recent role: Rodrigues in Silence, 2016

    8. Halle Berry

    ABC, 20th Century Fox

    First role: Emily Franklin in Living Dolls, 1989

    Most recent role: Ginger in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, 2017

    9. Leonardo DiCaprio

    The New Lassie, 20th Century Fox

    First role: Glen in The New Lassie, 1989

    Most recent role: Hugh Glass in The Revenant, 2015

    10. Will Smith

    NBC, Warner Bros.

    First role: The Fresh Prince in Blossom, 1991

    Most recent role: Howard in Collateral Beauty, 2016

    11. Jennifer Lopez

    Hemdale Film Corporation, NBC

    First role: Myra in My Little Girl, 1986

    Most recent role: Harlee Santos in Shades of Blue, 2017

    12. Reese Witherspoon

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Open Road Films

    First role: Dani Trant in The Man in the Moon, 1991

    Most recent role: Madeline in Big Little Lies, 2017

    13. Daniel Radcliffe

    BBC, Babber Films

    First role: Young David in David Copperfield, 1999

    Most recent role: Yossi Ghinsberg in Jungle, 2017

    14. Viola Davis

    Miramax, ABC

    First role: A nurse in The Substance of Fire, 1996

    Most recent role: Annaliese Keating in How to Get Away with Murder, 2017

    15. Margot Robbie

    Seven Network, Warner Bros.

    First role: Caitlin Brentford in City Homicide, 2008

    Most recent role: Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, 2016

    16. Ryan Gosling

    Nickelodeon, Broad Green Pictures

    First role: Jamie Leary in Are You Afraid of the Dark?, 1995

    Most recent role: BV in Song to Song, 2017

    17. Tom Hiddleston

    Channel Four International, Warner Bros.

    First role: A lord in The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, 2001

    Most recent role: James Conrad in Kong: Skull Island, 2016

    18. Kristen Stewart

    IFC Films, TriStar Pictures

    First role: Sam Jennings in The Safety of Objects, 2001

    Most recent role: Kathryn in Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, 2016

    19. Tom Hanks

    United Artists, Netflix

    First role: Elliot in He Knows You're Alone, 1980

    Most recent role: Bailey in The Circle, 2017

    20. Alexis Bledel

    The WB, Hulu

    First role: Rory Gilmore in Gilmore Girls, 2000

    Most recent role: Ofglen in The Handmaid's Tale, 2017

    21. Nicole Kidman

    Channel Nine, BBC

    First role: Sheena Henderson in Skin Deep, 1983

    Most recent role: Julia in Top of the Lake, 2017


    Alexis Bledel's first role was, of course, in Gilmore Girls, not Tuck Everlasting as a previous version of this post said. Consider me adequately shamed.

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