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    19 Times Noel Fielding Made You Piss Yourself Laughing

    "I'm not quite sure if this is stand up comedy or a mental breakdown."

    1. When he told this totally true story with a perfect punchline.

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    2. When he proved his love for Richard Ayoade, and then immediately started giggling.

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    3. When Seann Walsh asked what Noel likes to eat, and he delivered this line with a completely straight face.

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    4. Seriously, he really can't stand time.

    5. When he had this baffling yet hilarious exchange with Simon Amstell.

    6. ...Because he seems to be obsessed with motorbikes.

    7. When he described his entire act in one concise sentence.

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    8. When he was completely aware of his irresistible charms.

    9. When he revealed his very own important QI fact, that came with definitive proof.

    10. And when he gave this answer to a Quite Interesting question.

    11. When his logic managed to stump even Stephen Fry.

    12. ...More than once.

    13. When the Big Fat Quiz provided him with a wig.

    14. When he laughed at his own joke.

    15. When he perfectly set up this annoyingly good pun.

    16. When he delivered this brilliant line on The IT Crowd.

    17. When he had this response to a question on Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

    18. When he accurately completed these famous song lyrics.

    19. And when he proved he doesn't even need words to be the funniest man in Britain.

    BBC Three /

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