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17 Secrets A Taco Bell Employee Will Never Tell You

Confessions from outside the bun.

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1. Part of new employee training involves completing a worksheet where you list the weight of every ingredient that goes into an item on the Taco Bell menu.


2. Employees get a free meal during their shift.

3. And they’re going to take their time to make the best damn burrito they can. And it will involve steak.

4. The worst part might be the amount of cheese, lettuce, and grease that always accumulates on their shoes.

5. It’s also pretty damn hot in the kitchen.

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6. They really can’t serve you if you walk up to the drive-thru window.


7. The drive-thru only works when the metal sensor recognizes there’s a car.

8. But you can lay a bike across the sensor to trip the speaker.

9. They’re timed on how fast they serve you in the drive-thru. The target time to take the money, pass the food, and have the customer driving away is 1:10.

10. The worst orders to take are from the cars full of drunk people.


"I can’t understand what you want when you’re all yelling at the same time."

11. Those random surveys on your receipt actually count. Employees and managers get the results, and anything that’s not a 5/5 is a failure.


12. At least two people prepare your order.

13. If they’re bored, they might race to see who can make an order the fastest.

14. But they’ll try really hard to make sure your speciality order is right.

15. You can customize any sauce. Put Baja sauce on everything. They don’t care.

16. The cinnamon twists start out as dry rotini noodles.


17. The menu is always changing. But since everything is basically made from the same ingredients in different combinations, you can usually get what you want, even if it’s no longer on the menu.

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