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    Ultimate Youth Power Breakthrough Moment

    Fast forward Summer 2012: Talk radio and college music radio are agreeing. IT'S NOT ABOUT "THE LEFT" OR "THE RIGHT" - IT'S ALL ABOUT THE PLAN OF ACTION. It's the top story of 2011 and it's WORLDWIDE! OWS and pepper spray catapulted student journalists to the forefront with an all-inclusive plan of action that outranks all of the partisan politicians. Paying students to pass classes is just part of the revolutionary plan that inspired this playlist - all of the greatest youth power songs of all time plus all of the most recent youth anthems in one super playlist that's sure to change the world. You can watch it on the page that you're on now. Just scroll down to find the video playlist. If you can't find it, make sure you're at then scroll down. If you want to embed the video playlist on your website, the embed code is accessible by using the "Share" button at YouTube and the YouTube URL for the playlist is For an introduction to the revolutionary plan, see Lisa Appleton's letter to student journalists at Someone has been redirecting or blocking web traffic, so if you can't get to one of the websites mentioned here, let people know about the blockage.