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    Posted on Sep 15, 2016

    We Finally Know The Blink-182 Song The Chainsmokers Sing About In "Closer"

    I know it breaks your heart.

    If you haven't noticed, "Closer" by the Chainsmokers is sweeping the nation right now.

    *chainsmokers comes on* Friend 1: please don't Friend 2: oh no, here it comes

    In fact, people love it so much that it's become a meme.

    *chainsmokers comes on* me: please dont tori:

    But as the song continues to gain popularity and reaches a FEVER PITCH, people have been asking ONE question...

    What Blink-182 song did they beat to death in Tucson? #lifequestions

    People have been obsessing over this lyric.

    The Chainsmokers


    Been listening to Closer for some time now. But really, what is that Blink 182 song that you guys beat to death in Tucson? @TheChainsmokers

    BLINK-182 SONG

    Ever wonder what Blink-182 song Halsey is talking about in Closer? 🤔


    What blink 182 song did y'all beat to death in Tuscan?????? @halsey #PLEASELETUSKNOW

    It was becoming a problem. The people wanted to know.

    Things I ask my therapist: "Is that normal" "What do you mean" "Which blink 182 song were the chainsmokers talking about" "Really which one"

    The people NEEDED to know.

    I just really need to know what blink 182 song they were beating to death in tuscon

    Thanks to one-half of the Chainsmokers, Andrew Taggart, who wrote on, we finally have the answer.


    Carry on.

    Literally ME whenever Closer by The Chainsmokers comes on in public😂