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People Are So Obsessed With The Song "Closer" It's Become A Ridiculous New Meme

*Chainsmokers comes on* Friend: Please don't.

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There are only two camps. Which means if one friend is completely obsessed, and the other completely done, this happens.

*chainsmokers comes on* Friend 1: please don't Friend 2: oh no, here it comes

People are doing the most to this song and it's become a new ~meme~.

*closer by the chainsmokers comes on* friend 1: please don't friend 2: here she goes


The meme usually involves a friend advising someone "please don't" when the song comes on...

*chainsmokers comes on* me: please dont tori:

...but it's too late.

Closer by The Chainsmokers comes on Friend 1: you better not Friend 2: please no Me: --

The synthy beat has taken over, infecting everyone in its path.

What actually happens when *Chainsmokers comes on*

Every girl when Closer by the Chainsmokers comes on.

When the beat of Closer by the Chainsmokers drops ...

So, ponder: In your friend circle, when "Closer" comes on...

Literally ME whenever Closer by The Chainsmokers comes on in public😂

Which one are you?

When "Closer" by Chainsmokers comes on hahahaha this is so cute 😻😹

I'm the little girl, no shame.

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