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29 Breathtakingly Beautiful Albino Animals

AKA the animals that nature forgot to paint.

1. This sleeping bundle of koala.

2. This beautiful little Kiwi bird.

3. Migaloo, the humpback whale.

4. This proud baby.

5. This precious, little ferret.

6. This grandiose peacock.

7. And this tiny little wood frog.

8. This amazing killer whale.

9. This ghostly alligator.

10. This chillin' muskrat.

11. This bouncy little wallaby.

12. This faintly-striped zebra.

13. This breathtaking sea turtle.

14. This rare and incredible raven.

15. This tiny ladybug.

16. This slithering snake.

17. This proud kookaburra.

18. This unique echidna.

19. This friendly little penguin.

20. This wonderful owl.

21. This majestic lion.

22. This stoic porcupine.

23. This casual giraffe.

24. This astonishing reindeer.

25. This beautiful baby fawn.

26. This not-so-black black bear.

27. This elegant hummingbird.

28. This rascally little squirrel.

29. And finally, this gorgeous lioness.

Some of these animals have leucism, which is a partial loss of pigmentation, as opposed to albinism which is is caused by an absence of melanin.