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    17 Pictures You Understand If You're Way Too Stressed Out

    "I don't friggin' GIVE A HECK."

    1. When you can't decide which of the 1,000 things on your to-do list you should focus on:

    2. When you think about your past and how you thought your life was stressful then:

    3. When people wonder how you do it all:

    4. Or when you have so much to do that you decide to do none of it:

    5. When you accidentally snap at someone because the stress is gaining on you:

    6. When you're already wiped out from the week and you realize it's Tuesday:

    7. When you try to keep a sense of humor about things:

    8. When your roommate, who has been watching Netflix all day, claims to also be "so busy":

    9. Or when someone tries to complain to you about how exhausted THEY are from life:

    10. When you convince yourself for a moment that it's fine, you're fine, there's no reason to stress so much:

    11. When you try to do something simple like laundry and even that malfunctions:

    12. When you take a quick moment to relax:

    13. When you finally go to bed, but then remember you had one more thing left to do:

    14. When you think about everything you have to do and the time you have to do it in:

    15. And then when someone tries to talk to you about time management:

    16. When you finally break down, but YOU STILL HAVE A LOT OF SHIT TO DO AND LIFE DOES NOT STOP FOR TEARS:

    17. And when you realize life is an endless cycle of too little time, not enough sleep, and ALL OF THE STRESS: