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    22 WTF Things You Will Only See At A Thrift Store

    Penises. So many penises.

    Thrift stores are beautiful treasure troves filled with the weirdest gadgets and gizmos a'plenty.

    1. Like these fancy penis shoes.

    2. Or this boob teapot.

    3. You could stumble across a bizarre candle for just $0.69.

    4. Or someone's leg for $14.99.

    5. There's always quite the reading selection at thrift stores.

    6. Ranging from edge-of-your-seat thrillers...

    7. To great philosophical classics.

    8. Some things you see and you're like, "Oh, I get it."

    9. Other things are just unexplainable.

    10. And downright frightening.

    11. Things you wouldn't want to be with alone in a dark room at night.

    12. Things that might be possessed by Satan himself.

    13. And everything has a story, a life before it wound up in a thrift store.

    14. A story sometimes you are *DYING* to know.

    15. Like who made this cross-stitch and why?

    16. What middle-aged soccer mom decided she didn't want her booty back after all?

    17. Was Yana's birthday party as awesome as it seems from this shirt?

    18. Sometimes all you can do is admire and respect the things you see.

    19. Whether it's a goblin's dick that sends old ladies runnin'...

    20. Or a more subtle, gentle dick that might trick the same old ladies into thinkin' it's a Jesus statue.

    21. Whatever the hell you find, it's always something special.

    22. God bless America, and God bless the thrift stores in it.