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    19 Struggles Of Being The Last Person Awake

    Must be nice for the people who fall asleep easily.

    1. At the beginning of every sleepover, everyone's all, "LET'S STAY UP ALL NIGHT!!!" — but 1am rolls around and you're always the only one still awake.

    2. You try for a little while to keep your friends from sleeping, but it's useless.

    3. So you fall victim to MTV marathons of Punk'd or weird infomercials about curing baldness.

    4. You're familiar with the paralysis that occurs when you hear your friend's parents walking around.

    5. You try to sleep, but then you realize it's burning up in there and you have no way of fixing the temperature.

    6. Or it's below freezing and your friends have all of the blankets.

    7. There's a spot on the ceiling you stare at for a solid half hour. It becomes your friend.

    8. And you're convinced that shadow in the corner is something paranormal and try your best not to look straight at it.

    9. You check the clock 80 million times and it's never more than four minutes from the last time you looked.

    10. You forget what it's even like to fall asleep.

    11. Consequentially, you enter a dark period where you think too hard about your life and the universe and what it all means.

    12. But then you remember that lurking shadow, and care much less about whether it's there to swallow you up or not.

    13. Yep. Your friends are still asleep, leaving you in a wasteland.

    14. Everyone is dead to you.

    15. You find some solace on the internet, where other weirdos are awake.

    16. Then comes THE HUNGER.

    17. All you have are chip crumbs and you're too nervous to venture to a pantry that is not your own.

    18. You regretfully realize there is nothing you can do but wait it out.

    19. And when you FINALLY drift off, it's 8am and your friends are poking you awake and everything is the worst.