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26 Puppies Who Are Way Cuter Than Your Crush

Sorry boys, puppies win. Every time.

1. This lil' guy would send a goodnight text EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

2. And this puppy would never give up on you.

3. This puppy thinks you deserve the world and a cookie.

4. This fellow would notice you're upset and not rest until you smile again.

5. This puppy wants to straight up lick your face.

6. This gentleman would stop sometimes just to look you in the eyes.

7. This baby wouldn't wait to text you back.

8. This nugget is just honestly appalled that anyone would let you slip through their fingers.

9. This puppy would laugh really loud at even your lamest jokes.

10. This buddy would always be excited to hang with you, but also respect your space when you need it.

11. This guy would get self-conscious about the date spots he's picked out, because you deserve the best.

12. This puppy WANTS to slide into your DMs on a regular basis.

13. This bundle of sunshine wants to be able to jump into your arms all the time.

14. This good listener would entertain your wildest stories. But also the boring ones.

15. This puppy would crown you #1 Snuggler.

16. This puffball-baby-angel would give you AT LEAST ten kisses a day.

17. This pal would tell his friends all about you.

18. These puppies would genuinely ask about your day.

19. This little man would get concerned when you're stressing yourself out too much.

20. This suave fellow would even make your friends swoon.

21. Fires or no fires, this brave pup would fight every day to keep you in his life.

22. This cutie would love hearing about your dreams...both ambition-wise and sleep-wise.

23. This smiley-face would always make you wear your seatbelt because your safety is his number one priority.

24. This angel thinks you're cuter than him (even though it's SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE.)

25. This goofball would watch The Princess Bride with you and re-enact the scene where Buttercup pushes Westley down the hill before she knows it's him.

26. And this puppy would feel like the luckiest puppy on earth just for knowing you.

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