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26 Puppies Who Are Way Cuter Than Your Crush

Sorry boys, puppies win. Every time.

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2. And this puppy would never give up on you.


5. This puppy wants to straight up lick your face.


12. This puppy WANTS to slide into your DMs on a regular basis.

14. This good listener would entertain your wildest stories. But also the boring ones.


16. This puffball-baby-angel would give you AT LEAST ten kisses a day.

18. These puppies would genuinely ask about your day.


20. This suave fellow would even make your friends swoon.

22. This cutie would love hearing about your dreams...both ambition-wise and sleep-wise.

25. This goofball would watch The Princess Bride with you and re-enact the scene where Buttercup pushes Westley down the hill before she knows it's him.

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